Footwear Industry
  • Footwear industry
    Industry Trends/Customer Challenges

    Cost Pressure: The shoe industry faces challenges with higher raw material costs, increased labor expenses, and supply chain uncertainties. Finding cost-effective cutting methods is a big challenge.

    Complex Materials: Shoes are made from various materials like leather, rubber, and synthetic leather, each with different properties. Cutting them correctly can be complicated, requiring adaptable cutting techniques.

    Precision and Consistency: Shoe manufacturing demands precise and consistent cutting to ensure high-quality and comfortable products.

    Small, Diversify, Customized Orders: Requires the factories must deliver the goods in time, in order to catching the "fast fashion" trend.

    Sustainability: The increased demand for sustainable footwear is a trend that is gaining traction in the global market.

    Digital Cutting Technology: Many shoe manufacturers are using digital cutting technology to boost production efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance product quality. This is a growing trend in the industry.

  • GBOS footwear industry
    Advantages of GBOS Solutions

    GBOS offers "One-stop Intelligent Cutting + Innovative Process Solution" to face challenges in the footwear industry, achieving efficient, precise, and sustainable production, and enhancing production efficiency.

    Comprehensive Solutions: CO2 laser cutter for any shoe components; Galvanometer laser marking/engraving/perforating/hollowing/cutting solution for any special customized effects and unique creativity; Auto line marking solution(replace traditional silk screen printing line); AI-Driven solution; Robot; etc.

    Less is More: Less labor, less cost, less material waste, and zero cutting-dies!

Materials & Samples
  • Shoe Accessories Laser Cutting
  • Shoe Accessories Laser Marking
  • Shoe Accessories Auto Line Marking
  • Shoe Mold Laser Engraivng
  • Robot Shoe Sole Glue Spraying
  • Sublimation Printed Fabric Laser Cutting
  • Auto Nesting for Regular Material
  • AI Leather Nesting
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Related Models
  • ITS5 AI Leather Nesting System
    ITS5 AI Leather Nesting System
    Large Format Intelligent AI Nesting System for Overall Leather
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  • XXP3.2S-250N
    Roll Material Automatic Feeding Laser Marking Machine
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  • XXP3S-320
    Automatic Feeding CO2 Laser Marking System
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  • XXP3S-250
    Automatic Feeding Laser Marking Machine
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  • XXP3S-180
    XXP3S-180 Automatic Feeding Laser Marking Machine
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  • XXP3.2-180-CCD
    Three Dynamic Camera Positioning Laser Marking System
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  • T2
    T2 High precision CO2 laser engraving machine
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  • T1
    T1 High precision CO2 laser engraving machine
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  • MINI
    Mini Laser Engraving Cutting Machine for Non-metal Materials
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  • R2-AT
    R2-AT Shoe Mold Laser Engraving Machine
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  • R3
    R3 Automatic Intelligent Shoe Sole Glue Spraying Machine
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  • XXP3.1-250N
    Reflective Material Laser Cutting Machine
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  • XXP3-180-XP
    Left and Right Interactive Working Table Laser Marking Machine
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  • XXP4-320
    CO2 Laser Marking Machine
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  • CO2-F30A
    CO2-F30A Online Laser Marking System for Metal and Dark Plastic
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  • GH1812
    CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine for Non-metal Material
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  • GH1610
    GH1610 CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine for non-metal Material
    More Details
  • GH1480
    GH1480 CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine for Non-metal Material
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  • GH1390
    CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine for Non-metal Material
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  • GH1260
    CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine for Non-metal Material
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  • GH960
    CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine for Non-metal Material
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  • XXP4-180
    Glavo CO2 Laser Cutting Marking Machine
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  • GH1812T-AT-HD-SCCD
    Two heads Intelligent Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine with Supper Camera
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  • GH1812(TT)-AT-SCCD
    Two Heads Asynchronous Intelligent Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine with Supper Camera
    More Details
  • GH1812T-AT-SCCD
    Two heads Intelligent Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine with Supper Camera
    More Details
  • GH1812-SCCD
    GH1812SCCD Intelligent Laser Cutting Machine with Supper Camera
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  • GH1610T-AT-SCCD-P
    Laser Cutting System for Digital Sublimation Printing Industry
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  • GH750
    CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine for Non-metal Material
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  • GH1610-AT-SCCD-P
    Laser Cutting System for Digital Sublimation Printing Industry
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  • GH1610(TT)-AT-SCCD
    CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Sublimation Digital Printing Fabric
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  • XXXP3-180-RT
    XXXP3-180-RT Rotary 3D Dynamic Laser Marking Machine
    More Details
  • XXXP3-180
    CO2 Laser Marking Cutting Machine with Glavo High Speed
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  • XXP3-250-4DS
    4D Shoe Sole Laser Marking Machine
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  • XXP3-180-CCD
    3D Dynamic Camera Positioning Laser Marking System
    More Details
  • XXP3.2-180
    CO2 Galvo Scanning High Precision Laser Marking Machine
    More Details
  • XXP3.1-180
    3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine
    More Details
  • XXP3-320
    3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine
    More Details
  • XXP3-250
    High Speed Galvo Birthday Greeting Card Wedding card Laser Engraving Cutting Marking Machine
    More Details
  • XXP3-180
    High Precision Galvo CO2 Laser Marking Cutting Machine.
    More Details
  • V8SCCD
    V8SCCD Dual-Head Laser Cutting Machine With Projector Positioning
    More Details
  • V8 Plus
    V8 Plus
    Twin-head Async Auto CO2 Laser Cutter
    More Details
  • V10SCCD
    V10SCCD Two Heads Async Automatic Grip Feeding Laser Cutting Machine With Camera
    More Details
  • SP-GH1280-AT-SCCD
    Cartridge Type Line Printing Machine with AI SCCD VisionScan System
    More Details
    AI SCCD Double Head Async 5G Smart Auto Inkjet Marking Shoe
    More Details
  • LA-GN1080SCCD-AT
    Automatic Inkjet Line Machine with Visual Identity System
    More Details
    Double-Head Double Rail Automatic Inkjet Marking Machine.
    More Details
  • LA-GH1610-AT-SCCD
    Automatic Inkjet Marking Machine
    More Details
    V8SCCD-LA Double-head Async Marking Line Machine for Mass Production
    More Details
  • ITS2-2014
    Smart AI Leather Nesting System
    More Details
  • GN1080-LA
    GN1080-LA Automatic Marking Line Machine
    More Details
  • ITS3-3012
    Large Format Smart Nesting System for Leather
    More Details
  • GH1810T-AT
    Two-heads Intelligent Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine
    More Details
  • GH1610-AT-P
    Projector Positioning Preview Laser Cutting System for Shoe Vamp Cutting
    More Details
  • GH1610(T)-AT
    Auto Feeding Laser Cutting System
    More Details
  • GH1610-AT
    Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine
    More Details
  • GH1570F-AT-P
    Four Heads Intelligent Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine with Projection
    More Details
  • GH1610F-AT
    Four Heads Intelligent Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine
    More Details
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Solutions Resources
  • Mar 30,2023
    Whole four days, customers get passion all the time!  Machines in this footwear exhibition(04.19-04.22): 1.  VC9-1670, Double heads async digital knife cutting+punching machine for shoe accessories materials.        Here, 6-layer TPU digital knife cutting. 2. V10-SCCD, VisionScan mesh upper laser cutting. 3. LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD, Double heads high speed auto line marking machine. 4. XXP3.2-180CCD, positioning hole process with laser marking. And, a set new machine in this exhibition! VC9-1616, Full shoe accessories materials digital knife cutting.          Among these, VC9-1670, LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD, VC9-1616 have been sold in this exhibitions! Thanks for your support, it’s a successful exhibition! Looking forward to meeting you at The 30th Guangzhou International Footwear Exhibition soon, during May 31st to June 3rd.
  • Feb 08,2023
    How far from manufacturing to “intelligent” manufacturing (above)
    LongYun Group, the largest sports shoes manufacturer in east Sichuan province ,China, is a company that cooperates with famous brands such as Li Ning, Belle and Daphne, etc. In 2020, LongYun Group started the process of intelligence and digitalization comprehensively. IoT Bridge is introduced as the digital management support of intelligent manufacturing. IoT Bridge explores and solves the problem of how to use existing resources efficiently and how to advance production with intelligence. “When we talk to many entrepreneurs about IoT Bridge, they are confused: how does IoT Bridge apply to machines and how can it be grafted to their company?” “Why do we need IoT Bridge when ordinary automated machines can also drive production?” In fact, when introducing IoT Bridge, Longyun Group also started from business aspect and issues of transformation and upgrading, and after continuous adaptation and mapping, integration and adjustment, we found out a one-stop intelligent tailoring solution that is most suitable for our company. Why Introduce IOT Bridge In the early stage of development of the footwear industry, enterprises did not lack market and only needed to consider production issues. However, with the change of the intrinsic trend of the industry ecology, and face huge business...
  • Feb 08,2023
    Challenge|Who is the final winner in the footwear industry in 2022?
    Current market situation of footwear industry Since the outbreak of Newcastle Pneumonia, the global economy has been hit hard, and the footwear industry is also facing a huge test. Although the footwear industry in China continues to grow, reports show that global footwear consumption will decrease by an average of 22.5% in 2021, with Europe down 27%, North America down 21% and Asia down 20%. The market operating environment of the footwear industry is extremely severe, and practitioners are facing tremendous pressure and challenges. Equipment optimization, poised for growth In the face of unstable market growth, companies face many challenges: On the one hand, the industry is aiming for internationalization and market globalization, and on the other hand, the traditional footwear industry is facing problems such as high labor costs and uneven quality of production. In addition, the ever-changing market demand requires companies to produce and deliver orders faster and more efficiently, putting higher demands on the shoe supply chain system. Companies must re-examine themselves to adapt to the changing demand conditions. For example, replacing manual labor or outdated machines with advanced equipment, thus increasing productivity and significantly improving productivity. A way to transform your production floor into a profit...
  • Feb 08,2023
    The digital trend! Are you ready?
    August 17th, a notice was published, Among them, to create a number of “small, fast, light and accurate” digital system solutions and to create 4,000-6,000 “small lighthouse” enterprises as digital transformation benchmark enterprises, is the notice pointed out in the manufacturing industry important guidance direction. Among them, the textile, clothing and leather products processing for the transformation of one of the pilot sub-sectors. The future of manufacturing: small, fast, light and accurate. The development of the manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of the development of the real economy. The development of the manufacturing industry in terms of miniaturisation, speed, lightness and precision is the top priority of the development of the digital economy, and the deep integration of the digital economy with the real economy is a favourable choice for achieving high-quality development. However, the traditional manufacturing model has brought many challenges to the digital development of the manufacturing industry, taking the processing of textile, garment and leather industries as an example: high labour costs, time-consuming processes and high energy consumption are among the many problems that arise. In order to actively respond to the national policy, as well as to effectively solve the traditional manufacturing industry pain points, GBOS...
  • Dec 21,2020
    More than 200 footwear industry celebrities attend this conference. Before starting this conference, GBOS prepared a sports fashion show for our customers and friends. You can see some photos below!  Then, GBOS CEO MR LIU WEN stated the current development status and future trend of our footwear & garmnet industry, which is bound to develop towards the small-volume, large-variety orders customized production mode, and the future processing machine is bound to develop towards the direction of artificial intelligence and digital automation. We always strive to create one stop cutting solution with laser & knife cutter! Also, we published a new machine “LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD ” in this conference, for 5G auto line marking machine, it’s an essential machine for footwear industry! And we define “faster than fast”  for this machine! Next, GBOS offered you a solution for big date management in footwear industry— IoT Bridge Platform, the IoT Bridge Platform can achieve one machine control all production line. Can achieve real-time device management, digitalized lean production,, enter digital transformation… Machines in this conference Laser machine 1. XXP3.2-180-CCD, VisionScan high speed laser marking machine for positioning holes process. 2. GH1570F-AT, Four-head high speed laser cutting machine. 3. V10 SCCD, Dual-head async multifunction laser cutting system. Digital oscillating knife cutter 1. VC9-1670T/N, Multi-layer smart digital...
  • Dec 17,2020
    The new era of intelligent manufacturing has arrived. Are you ready for the upcoming 2021? Give yourself a chance to occupy the market firstly and create a digital production workshop that integrates intelligence, automation and informatization. A LIVE STREAM ON FACEBOOK! Time: Fir Dec. 18th, 2020 10:10, GMT +0800 Aim to”More than just fast, faster than fast, breakthrough the last mile of smart cutting,” Let’s explore the cutting, line marking, punching, glue spray solutions together! And explore the cutting application together! Show equipment  VC9-1670T, Oscillating knife cutter, max cutting thickness: 18mm. GC850SCCD-P-EP, A machine for full-scene use, full-material use! Breakthrough the last mile of smart cutting. XXP3.2-180-CCD, High speed laser marking machine.                 V10SCCD, SCCD for contour extracting and cutting digital printing shoe upper.  R3, Smart Spray glue systems for shoe.     LA-GN1280TT-SCCD-AT, Double head async 5G smart auto marking line machine. ITS2, Smart nesting system.               VC9-1612, Small order, sample model.       Provide you fully a set of automatic solutions, and help your shoe factory enter Industry 4.0 before 2021! Help you enter smart die-less cutting; Inputting pattern, cutting, feeding, collecting, calculating all in one; Customized and more!
  • Nov 13,2020
    GBOS“Me”improve team continuous improve and develop according to market and customers’ demand. Develop a new auto marking line machine LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD specially for you~ Automatic device replace traditional silk screen printing line, as you known, traditional techniques use pens and screens to mark l ines. Their labor and consumable costs are high. But work efficiency and product quality are low. At the same time, it will cause environmental pollution during use. Therefore, more and more factories are looking for machines to replace manual production. GBOS Smart auto marking line machine has higher precision, double-head async cutting, higher speed. Widely used in footwear, garment, bags factories. You can see this follow samples. Machine functions: Intergrated loading materials, auto marking line, drying system, collect materials.                                Any cut parts, no need fixed placement position.                                Can make sure materials flat in working tabel, and the effects are more better. Contact us and discover more advantages!
  • Jun 07,2016
    “Smart double match, super material saving, fast feeding, automatic counting…” On January 12, 2016, Gbos Laser held the global new product launch for V8plus double head asynchronous intelligent feeder, which was themed on”born for shoe factory, intelligent tailoring”. The released new product is the 8th generation of “V” series multifunctional automatic feeding laser-cutting machine independently researched and developed by GBOS,with “Smart Tailoring” as the biggest highlight. Its superior functionsare mainly revealedin three aspects. First, crossed layout on the same pattern, fast cutting in different horizontal lines. Secondly, double head automatic double match fast cutting on positive and negative patterns; Thirdly, double head asynchronous, fast cutting for multiple parts patterns. As the eighth generation of enhanced flagship model, PLUS combines all excellent functions ofthe previous seven generations, with 35% faster speed, 10% material saving,and more superior and practical performance. As the survival environment is worsening for the traditional shoe companies, the industry is calling for intelligent production. This launch of V8PLUS is providing an improvement solution for the labor, efficiency, and cost issues intraditional enterprise transformation.
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Footwear Industry
High quality, reasonable price, customization, sustainability, faster.
Footwear Industry
Fast speed and high output have saved us a lot of cost. In addition, the stable product quality has brought us unanimous praise from customers.
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