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  • denim laser dry process
    Industry Trends/Customer Challenges

    First, the current overall domestic textile consumption demand is constantly iteratively upgrading. In the post-epidemic era, denim clothing and fabrics show a trend of high quality and strong functionality, and the style shows the laser texture of the product.

    Second, with the enhancement of social and public awareness of environmental protection, the concept of eco-friendly clothing consumption has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people;Traditional washing with water requires a high cost of manual labor and has already caused serious environmental and ecological destruction. The laser washing not only greatly reduces the cost, but also caters to the new theme of environmental protection, which integrates the ideas of science, environmental protection and innovation while increasing productivity.

    Third, as a generation born with the gene of networked survival, contemporary young people pay more attention to clothing style and personality expression, use consumption behavior to aggregate into different groups, and have a unique discourse system, and clothing and fabric styles are more fashionable Diversified, bleached style, flash-colored denim, segmented denim, fancy yarn style, woven denim garment with knitting style, knitted denim garment with woven style, etc., are all the focus of style trends, even including matching with smart wearables or combined.

  • gbos laser denim dry process
    GBOS Advantages of GBOS Solutions

    One Solution For Laser Washing Process: Whisker, Ripper, Grind, Damage, Full Pattern Laser Marking all in one.

    Green solutions: With less water, less energy, less emission, one standard for production, and easy operation, multi models to satisfy different request.

    S-Denim Crafts Master: Achieves the same clear and natural appearance as traditional manual processes, delivering well-defined and naturally finished denim jeans.

Materials & Samples
  • Laser Marking Denim (Whisker)
  • Laser Marking Denim (Ripper)
  • Laser Marking Denim(Grind)
  • Laser Marking Full Pattern for Denim
  • Laser Marking Denim (Damage)
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Solutions Resources
  • Jan 05,2021
    Dec. 12 2020 GMT +0800(CST), we held a conference about laser denim dry process. Now let’s review this conference! Conference process: 1. Technological advantage explanation 2. New machine world premiere 3. Live display of all range models At the begining, a living show for you! Then, introduce new environment about GBOS! Next, our customers enter “GBOS School” for an communication! In this communication, the president of Rofin of Great China Region, Mr.Ding. has a speech for us! He shared about the technology from Rofin using which isused in Denim industry. It’s worth looking forward the words he has said! Share one stop laser denim dry process solutions with you! Machines in this conference 1. XXP3-180, For children’s jeans and DIY partial process for adult’s jeans in the area of 600*600 mm. 2. XXP4, For batch orders and sample room. 3. XXP5-600, For Large batch orders production line. 4. XXP5-600-3D, Save labours customization products. 5. XXP5-600-AW, New product publish! Fully a set of laser denim dry process solutions!                           This machines all for laser denim dry process! For PP spray, cat whisker, full marking, ripper, grinding, etc! See some videos now!
  • Dec 04,2020
    Hey, New 2021 is approaching. Are you ready for your new plan? Newly upgraded “S-Denim 6.0” is waiting for you! Dec. 12th, Supply “S-denim 6.0” software for you. Comprehensive process, and also new machine world premiere. We are all looking forward to your coming, we have a Facebook/YouTube live show for you! Let’s explore more possibilities together that day! We perpare this kind of artcraft solution on denim/new machine for one year, go through numerous failure, GBOS staffs work night and day overtime, only for this kind of machine. We just want to bring you the best! And can meet the market demands. You know, the process of making a pair of jeans is time-honored— it’s also time-cosuming; Whisker, Monkey wash, Grinding, and other effects on denim, a laser machine can treat a pair of jeans in a very short time and with extraordinary accuracy. A further advantage is certainly represented by the outstanding customizations that are now possible while once were not, due to the traditional systems. We move towards tradition, but more intelligent than traditional! So on Dec. 12th, looking forward to our talk together! New environment, new machine, more artcraft are waiting for you!
  • Dec 31,2015
    2015 autumn CHIC, GBOS Laser introduced Green Pioneer 2D intelligent denim  washing system. Just like the Green Pioneer 3D, they are the advanced devices used to substitute the traditional washing technological methods. There is more than 95% of similarity between them and the manual water washing. According to Mr. Liu Wu, the deputy general manager of GBOS Laser, the GBOS Laser devices are very popular in Bangladesh, Turkey, and Iran; however, the situation is not so optimistic in domestic market. He further maintained that there are two reasons behind the situation according to the market survey. On one hand, the cost to introduce laser washing devices are huge, and on the other hand, the environment protection awareness is not sufficient.   Through a few demonstrations in the exhibition, the journalists found that people in the industry shows an increasingly strong interest in the laser washing devices. In this exhibition, GBOS Laser attracts streams of visitors through its glossy brand that claimed to be “intelligent, fashionable, environmental-friendly and customized”. Mr. Liu said that currently the customized service is hot. They could create personalized marks, names, or design patterns and monkey washings according to different requirements of the customers. Talking about the...
  • Jun 03,2015
    On May 6, 2015, the Green Pioneer 3D Environmental Laser Jeans Washing System Press Conference was held in GBOS factory. There were over 80 people attending the conference, which included representatives from jeans manufactures in Pearl River Delta, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Fujian such as Zengzhi, Conshing, Everstar, Ligao, etc., people form Guangzhou Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce, Junan Textile Chamber of Commerce, Xintang Chamber of Commerce and other associations as well as major media such as the central, provincial and municipal television stations. With the theme of “make the water clean together with GBOS”, the conference was held in the Jeans Washing Center of the factory, no high-end, classy, high-grade magnificence or dazzling light. The simple and plain Jeans Washing Center equipped only with a projector, dozens of chairs and several big equipments just showed GBOS Laser’s culture of practicality and dedication. Making the water clean was an environmental dream, for which the GBOS Laser-Green Pioneer 3D Environmental Laser Jeans Washing System Press Conference was held. According to a report from Times in USA, an American renowned jeans company has made an assessment for the resources of one type of jeans it produced and the result is astonishing: jeans are...
  • Sep 20,2014
    Today we are meeting global warming, traditional denim washing process directly cause the destruction of the ecological environment resources, the big pollution for water, air, soil, and plants accordingly. More serious is the harmful gas full of the working environments, will directly caused the workers meet the cancel risk sharply increased.   To solve these problems, laser washing systems become the only choice for this industry. In the past Chinese market, these equipments have been occupied by Europe and America, so we go deep into the world’s largest denim factory, learnt about the entire process of washing denim, many times communicated with staff and factory owners to understand the real needs of the customers, after two years of research and development, we overcome all sorts of technical problems, and successfully developed a superior equipment than other similar brands of denim washing equipments in all respects: XXP5 Denim Laser Washing System.  XXP5 is truly 100% environmentally friendly, no need to add any auxiliary chemical substances on denim& jeans, even don’t need the water purification process. This processed directly to finished product for delivery. XXP5 also has high speed and high efficient working performance, its processing speed is at least 15% higher than similar equipments....
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