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February 08, 2023
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August 17th, a notice was published, Among them, to create a number of “small, fast, light and accurate” digital system solutions and to create 4,000-6,000 “small lighthouse” enterprises as digital transformation benchmark enterprises, is the notice pointed out in the manufacturing industry important guidance direction. Among them, the textile, clothing and leather products processing for the transformation of one of the pilot sub-sectors.
The future of manufacturing: small, fast, light and accurate.

The development of the manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of the development of the real economy. The development of the manufacturing industry in terms of miniaturisation, speed, lightness and precision is the top priority of the development of the digital economy, and the deep integration of the digital economy with the real economy is a favourable choice for achieving high-quality development. However, the traditional manufacturing model has brought many challenges to the digital development of the manufacturing industry, taking the processing of textile, garment and leather industries as an example: high labour costs, time-consuming processes and high energy consumption are among the many problems that arise.

In order to actively respond to the national policy, as well as to effectively solve the traditional manufacturing industry pain points, GBOS has been committed to the research and development of intelligent cutting equipment and technological innovation, through the development of laser machines, oscillating knife digital cutter, other automated equipment and IoT Bridge as the core. By developing laser machines, oscillating knife digital cutter, other automation equipment and IoT Bridge as the core, and equipped with intelligent VisionScan, projection preview positioning and 30+ optional module systems, to create a one-stop intelligent cutting equipment & innovative process solutions driven by digital core technology, empowering digital intelligent manufacturing!
Two technologies to empower digital smart manufacturing in the textile, apparel and leather industries

In the textile, clothing and leather industries, the VC9-1612-P and the IoT Bridge have been developed to empower digital smart manufacturing. The VC9-1612-P is a vibratory knife cutting machine for small orders that combines cutting, auto line marking and punching all in one, created to reduce process flow and respond quickly to small and diverse orders.

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  •                                               In 2023, BYD released a video titled “Together, We Are Chinese Cars,” which garnered widespread attention and enthusiastic response across the internet.   This video not only serves as a declaration of the BYD brand but also symbolizes the confidence and determination of China’s new energy vehicle industry. It marks the shift towards new energy vehicles becoming a major trend for the Chinese automotive industry to compete globally, continuously leading into the future.   The global promotion and development of new energy vehicles not only demonstrate advancements in new energy technology but also underscore the importance of precision manufacturing of various car components for automakers. Among these components, the manufacturing process of car seats is particularly crucial.   When selecting seat suppliers, major automotive brands follow a set of evaluation criteria, preferring suppliers who can provide comprehensive solutions, demonstrate excellent environmental records, and possess innovative capabilities. These criteria include meeting standards in cutting processes, effectively saving leather materials to enhance cost-effectiveness, and other key indicators, all aimed at providing consumers with the ultimate comfort experience.    ...
    Pub Date: Mar 22, 2024
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