Garment Industry
  • garment industry
    Industry Trends/Customer Challenges

    Traditional handwork: Requires clothing template, which is prone to inconsistent production standards, and it is difficult to recruit skilled workers, resulting in low production efficiency and high cost.

    In addition, when using a traditional cutting machine to cut various fabrics, it is very inconvenient to modify the size, and it cannot meet the cutting of some complex graphics such as sharp corners, round holes, and lace encountered in the production process, and the rough incision causes rough edges, which seriously affects Garment quality.

    Traditional manual and electric scissors are slow, difficult to nesting, inefficient and easy to waste materials. And the safety of employees cannot be guaranteed.

  • gbos garment industry
    Advantages of GBOS Solutions

    The laser cutting machine replaces the traditional stamping process, solves the enterprise's personalized, small batch, high-quality order requirements, and eliminates all costs for cutting dies and tools.

    Not only solves the problem of difficult recruitment, but also improves production efficiency. It can help enterprise establish a unified production standard, to effectively arrange production plans and improve brand competitiveness.

    With the super powerful control system, Laser cutting no yellow edge, automatically close the edge without burr, no deformation, accurate size, solves the defects of complex geometric figures such as sharp corners, small round holes and lace that cannot be achieved by traditional cutting.

    Superior nesting system greatly reduces material loss, mold storage and labor costs.

    A variety of cutting solutions to match different cutting needs of customers, such as fixed worktable laser cutting machine for small size pattern normally cutting, auto feeding laser cutting machine for roll material, Super camera laser cutting machine for digital printing fabric, and so on.

    The closed machine structure, ensures the safety of employees.

    GBOS Laser machine is being widely used in the textile and garment industries due to its advantages of precise processing, fast processing, simple operation and high degree of automation, leading the fashion trend and promoting the rapid development of laser cutting technology in the garment industry.

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Solutions Resources
  • Mar 30,2023
    Hey, Let’s explore garment & accessories process application solutions now! Machines & Applications in ITMA Exhibition. Underwear art-craft.    1) 2021 Newest PUR glue dispensing for seamless technology. How to get faster efficiency in the seamless artcraft?    GN1280-DP-SG, PUR dispensing + laser cutting all in one! Another seamless underwear solution: VC9-1612SCCD-DP, PUR dispensing + digital knife cutting all in one! 2) UV3A, tag-less label laser marking machine. A solution without ink for care label, achieve environmental protection and labels permanent.        2. Show you 3 kinds of smart label cutting solutions. 1) GN1081SSCD 5.0, Double camera VisionScan sheet labels laser cutting machine. Large size automatic extraction with VisionScan system; Automatic extraction of contour; Automatic extraction of contour. Let you achieve precise cutting with large area! 2) FB02CCD, Roll ribbon labels and sheet labels laser cutting. For roll to roll ribbon labels, it will cut off and feeding automatically, don’t need to pull by manual. 3) FB07CCD, Automatic soldering iron edge burning machine for embroidery patch. Cover a small area, and can instead of traditional manual cutting, 1 person can operate 10 units.      3. Two solutions for the digital/sublimation printed fabric cutting: 1) Laser cutting with high precision camera. 2) Knife cutting with high precision camera, Can you imagine how fast it...
  • Feb 08,2023
    Types of cutting machines used in garment/apparel industry!
      Cutting department plays very important role in any apparel/garment industry. To make a complete garment, cutting is necessary. Without cutting process to make a cloth is out of dream. It is also extremely important to use the right cutting tools in the garment/fabric/apparel cutting process — If you want to do a good job, you must first use a good tool. How do you choose the best tool for the job among many others? Here you two best fabric cutting ways, they provide endless customization opportunities.   1. Fabric laser cutting machine:  ① A/Double/Four heads optional, precisely control of your capacity and delivery times.  ② A variety of processes can be achieved: cutting, hollowing, perforation, engraving, sublimation fabric and other pattern with logo, etc.  ③ Laser process without contact-free, no deformation of the flexible fabric. ④ Automation and customization benefits: Laser cutting can easily be repeated and is easy to automate. ⑤ Smooth cutting edges. Advantage of laser cutting in fabric manufacturing is that it creates smooth edges with no yellow no burns.  2. Fully Automatic / Computerized cutting machine——Oscillating knife digital cutter for fabric cutting.  ① No tooling costs. Fabric oscillating knife digital cutter without any tools. Hence there is no need for tool storage,...
  • Oct 13,2020
    As we all known, laser marking machine can be applied in all kinds of industry, like: garment, garment accessories, footwear, gifts, packaging, sign, and other non-metal industry. Also, can used for metal industry… For GBOS, We mainly focused on researching the garment and footwear industry for 16 years. GBOS R & D team constantly research according to the market demands. Especially the machine: XXP3-180. We call it “GBOS King Laser Marking Machine”. Maybe you have some question in model number XXP3, “3” means the third generation, After the first and second generation of technology, market experience, and the change of customers’ needs. We have developed our third generation laser marking machine,  which are more accurate than the previous one.  What’s more, it intergrated for cutting & marking & engraving & hollwing with one machine in garment and shoe industry. It’s a laser processing with adopting to non-contact, It will not be harmful to the fabric, So that we can manufacture more comfortable apparel, and apparel with no burrts,no yellow,etc… Here are some videos about XXP3 Contact us, GBOS not only be limited to garment and footwear industry, You can find we also involve other industry from videos~
  • Jan 27,2015
    January 10, 2015 saw the most advanced four domestic laser application devices (XXP3S, XXP5-300, All new B series, M2) as successfully promoted by GBOS Laser after 4 years of R&D and trial for six months.  Having passed all kinds of strict standards both at home and abroad, these four models are key products in the domestic laser intelligent application field. In particular, some models fill the gap of lots of patents in this research field.  They truly stand for “Made in China” and show the sophistication of modern industrial design completely, ranging from their body curve and appearance, the core components to structures inside the devices and their perfect application. Unpiloted intelligent operation The machine XXP3S laser intelligent continuous marking and hollowing, which is deemed as airplane carrier in this field. Applied industries: Garment, leather products, craft gift, packaging and ads.  Applied materials: Batch hollowing and carving of twist leather, cloth and flexible fabric.  It is the only laser-based full-automatic feed system for volume production in China, with the advantages such as saving labor force, materials and time and high continuous working efficiency. It can complete many procedures (piercing, carving, incision and lineation) at one time. The dual workbenches can...
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Garment Industry
GBOS laser cutting machine replaces the traditional stamping process, saves all stamping die costs, and at the same time solves complex personalized graphic cutting, and the effect is very good.
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