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Automotive Interior Industry
  • Industry Trends/Customer Challenges

    The automotive interior industry involves a variety of materials and a large quantity, especially the utilization of leather skin has been an urgent problem for all factories to solve. The price of nesting equipment in Europe is very high, and most factories are out of reach.

    Industry applications need cutting, perforating, engraving and other needs, and all kinds of applications need a large number of technical workers to complete a single job, facing rising labor costs.

    Traditional process: manual drawing, cutting, comparison time-consuming, poor accuracy, high requirements for technical personnel, low efficiency. The market is in urgent need of multi-functional, all-material, long life, high precision and high efficiency machines to match the rapidly changing world, while the consumption of personalized customized services is also accelerating the impact of the manufacturing industry to respond quickly.

  • Advantages of GBOS Solutions

    GBOS machine can be equipped with functional modules according to different application scenarios, such as SCCD visual recognition, projection positioning, line marking and punching, etc.

    The unique pattern copying software of the machine can easily complete the digital storage management of the patterns.

    Automatic nesting system to improve the utilization of materials up to 5%-10%.

    IoT bridge includes whole-process tracking and data storage from sales, ordering, design and development, raw cutting and shipping.

    OEE Kanban monitors machine operation data, running and fault feedback in real time.

Materials & Samples
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  • GH1610-AT
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Solutions Resources
  • Mar 30,2023
    August 5th, 2023, GBOS headquarter, hold smart label laser cutting application. Provide you: Half labor required & Double capacity. All customers came our fully innovation conference are label industry topping leaders, they use our long lifespan laser label cutting machine all the time! Also, other top leading brand give great praise for our machines. Like: SML, Avery Dennison, Lion brother, Li Fung, etc. Now, they start communicating with ” 5.0 New Generation Breakthrough Machine”. How to achieve “Half labor required & Double capacity”, “Labor Replacement”? What the trend for future? They start a meaningful communication. 2021 newest laser cutting solutions for various of labels (Woven label, embroidery patches, heat transfer label, printed label, etc). Product Reviewing: 1) New product publish, GN1080CCD-AT. Auto-feeding laser cutting machine for roll labels! Half labor required, 1 person can operate 5 machines! 2) New product publish, GN1081TT-CCD. Double heads async laser cutting for sheet woven & embroidery patches label! Double capacity. 3) XXP3.1-180-CCD, Multi-label high speed laser marking & cutting machine for heat transfer label, woven labels, and more customized labels. This is the model of the trend for the future! 4) FB07CCD, Automatic soldering iron edge burning machine. 1 person operate 10 units machine, and labor replacement, free...
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  • Mar 30,2023
    The leather and footwear industry around the world is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way products are manufactured using laser technology. As we can see, traditional leather cutting: Obviously, in the production of bags, shoes, suitcases, boots, handbags and all other types of footwear, leather cutting by craftsmanship, we can meet the following problems: 1) Have an influence on product consistency. 2) Staff instability. 3) It’s different to achieve complex graphics cutting. 4) No guarantee of product quality. Laser can solve all. What’s more, laser cutting/marking/engraving leather will create more contribution to traditional art-craft. Now-day, fashion is popular, and the personalization is the trend. How to create competitiveness for your enterprise? How to follow the popularity? —— By using laser engraving/cutting machine. Enterprise enjoy shorter delivery and quicker responsiveness for their customers in high demand design. In other words, small volume and large-variety orders can be completed in time! Products can enter the market more faster! Design more creativity and unique! More efficient cutting/engraving way! Here, high speed laser marking/cutting/engraving machine for personalized customization. XXP3.2-180    Some details: 1) Red light preview. 2) Large working area, maximum 600*600mm. (the processing area is adjustable) 3) Speed increased up 20%. 4) Compact structure ,easy operation. Click and know more...
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  • Mar 30,2023
    Hey, Let’s explore garment & accessories process application solutions now! Machines & Applications in ITMA Exhibition. Underwear art-craft.    1) 2021 Newest PUR glue dispensing for seamless technology. How to get faster efficiency in the seamless artcraft?    GN1280-DP-SG, PUR dispensing + laser cutting all in one! Another seamless underwear solution: VC9-1612SCCD-DP, PUR dispensing + digital knife cutting all in one! 2) UV3A, tag-less label laser marking machine. A solution without ink for care label, achieve environmental protection and labels permanent.        2. Show you 3 kinds of smart label cutting solutions. 1) GN1081SSCD 5.0, Double camera VisionScan sheet labels laser cutting machine. Large size automatic extraction with VisionScan system; Automatic extraction of contour; Automatic extraction of contour. Let you achieve precise cutting with large area! 2) FB02CCD, Roll ribbon labels and sheet labels laser cutting. For roll to roll ribbon labels, it will cut off and feeding automatically, don’t need to pull by manual. 3) FB07CCD, Automatic soldering iron edge burning machine for embroidery patch. Cover a small area, and can instead of traditional manual cutting, 1 person can operate 10 units.      3. Two solutions for the digital/sublimation printed fabric cutting: 1) Laser cutting with high precision camera. 2) Knife cutting with high precision camera, Can you imagine how fast it...
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