Greeting Card Industry
  • Greeting card industry
    Industry Trends/Customer Challenges

    The traditional greeting card has a single form, takes a long time to process, consumes a lot of materials, and is not environmentally friendly. However, the market has higher requirements for the greeting card industry, such as personalized customization, automated production capacity requirements, environmental protection, and so on.

  • gbos greeting card industry
    Advantages of GBOS Solutions

    Durability and Environmental Friendliness: Laser markings typically exhibit increased durability, without the need for inks or chemical substances. This aligns with contemporary societal aspirations for environmentally friendly products, contributing to a sustainable approach in greeting card production.

    Customization and Personalization: In today's greeting card market, the emphasis on personalized products is profound. Laser marking technology grants creators greater flexibility, enabling the customization of unique designs, text, or patterns tailored to different occasions or individual preferences.

    Exquisite Detail and High Accuracy: Laser marking technology showcases remarkable precision in crafting intricate details and achieving highly accurate text and patterns, imparting a professional and attention-grabbing appearance to greeting cards.

    Fully automatic cutting, saving labor cost, can switch between full cutting, kiss (half) cutting, perforating, engraving, marking, no need ink, more environmentally friendly.

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Greeting Card Industry
GBOS laser cutting marking machine works very well, its high speed makes us can greatly reduce the production time, as long as a computer and a machine can make a variety of different personalized patterns, especially some very small size flower hollow cutting, the effect is very fine.
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