• Fabric Anti Wrinkle Device
    Fabric Anti Wrinkle Device
    Automatic smoothed fabric to reduce waste and cost.
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  • Four Laser heads + 2 Line Marking Device
    Four Laser heads + 2 Line Marking Device
    Line marking machine can work simultaneously with laser heads, increasing production efficiency and cutting speed.
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  • IoT Bridge
    IoT Bridge
    Achieve digital management, reduce paper-oriented work, empowering “Carbon Neutral” goals.
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  • Four Laser heads
    Four Laser heads
    Four laser heads are cutting simultaneously.
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  • Robot
    Six-axis robot: the base, shoulder, elbow, wrist 1, wrist 2, and wrist 3 can all work 360 degrees, achieving six degrees of freedom movement.
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  • Smoke Purifier
    Smoke Purifier
    Purify and treat the smoke and waste gas generated during the cutting process
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  • Dual Laser Heads Asynchronous
    Dual Laser Heads Asynchronous
    Enabling asynchronous cutting of different shapes, improving production efficiency and reducing production time.
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  • Dual Laser Heads on a Single Track
    Dual Laser Heads on a Single Track
    Dual laser head on a single track, greatly improve efficiency.
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  • Scan QR Code for Management
    Scan QR Code for Management
    The code management system can automatically recognize and read barcodes and QR codes on leather materials, thereby achieving automatic management of materials.
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  • Multi-panel Optional
    Multi-panel Optional
    Different mesh panel materials and structures are suitable for different cutting materials and requirements.
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  • Automatic Counting
    Automatic Counting
    Automatic calculation of cutting output
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  • Blade Mesh Panel
    Blade Mesh Panel
    The advantages of using a blade mesh panel as the cutting table for CO2 laser marking machine are as follow:
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