Garment Accessories Industry
  • GBOS Garment Accessories Industry
    Industry Trends/Customer Challenges

    Traditional: Garment accessories cutting with complicated workflow, high costs, long delivery time and edge loose.

    Customization and Rapid Delivery: Increasing consumer demand for customization and quick delivery.

    Complex Materials: Garment accessories typically involve multiple materials such as labels, hats, and gloves, each with different characteristics, adding complexity to the cutting process.

  • GBOS Garment Accessories Industry
    Advantages of GBOS Solutions

    AI CCD VisionScan: Any angle, multi-point, multi-materials, multi-pattern concurrent positioning and cutting, automatically identify defect.

    High Precision: With GBOS's self-developed AI CCD VisionScan tech, enabling accurate cutting of various complex accessory shapes and ensuring products meet the highest quality standards.

    Fully Automated: 2 Times faster cutting speed; Half labor required; One person operate 3~5 sets of machine at the same time.

Materials & Samples
  • Embroidery Patches Laser Cutting Solution
  • Woven Label (Ribbon) Laser Cutting Solution
  • Printing Label Laser Cutting Solution
  • Heat Transfer Viny Laser Cutting Solution
  • Leather Label Laser Cutting and Engraving Solution
  • Label and Tape Laser Solution
  • Senseless Care Label UV Laser Marking Solution
  • Cloth Tags Laser Cutting Solution
  • Anti-counterfeit Label Laser Cutting
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    Three Dynamic Camera Positioning Laser Marking System
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    GB60A Multi-functional Laser Marking Machine with High Precision.
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    Automatic Soldering Iron Edge Burning Machine for Embroidery Patch
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  • GH1610T-AT-CCD
    Non-metal CO2 Laser Cutting and Engaving Machine
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  • GH1260CCD
    CCD Camera Positioning CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
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  • GN1081CCD-AT
    Camera Label Laser Cutting Machine with Auto Feeding System
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  • GN1081SCCD/5.0
    Dual AI Camera Laser Cutting Machine for Woven Printing Embroidery Lable
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  • GNM1081CCD
    Double Capacity Sliding Working Table Laser Cutting Machine
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  • GN1080TT-CCD
    Visual Recognition Double Heads Laser Cutting Machine
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    Continuous Laser Marking and Engraving for Roll Materials.
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  • GN1081TT-CCD
    Double Heads Async Laser Cutting Machine for Sheet Embroidery Woven Labels
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  • GN1080CCD-AT
    Label CCD Camera Laser Cuttting Machine with Auto Feeding System
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  • GN1080CCD
    Camera-orinted Laser Cutting Machine
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  • GN1081CCD
    CCD Camera-orinted Laser Cutting Machine
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  • XXP3-180-CCD
    3D Dynamic Camera Positioning Laser Marking System
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  • GH1610-AT-CCD
    Two-head Intelligent Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine With High-precision Camera
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Solutions Resources
  • Mar 30,2023
    August 5th, 2023, GBOS headquarter, hold smart label laser cutting application. Provide you: Half labor required & Double capacity. All customers came our fully innovation conference are label industry topping leaders, they use our long lifespan laser label cutting machine all the time! Also, other top leading brand give great praise for our machines. Like: SML, Avery Dennison, Lion brother, Li Fung, etc. Now, they start communicating with ” 5.0 New Generation Breakthrough Machine”. How to achieve “Half labor required & Double capacity”, “Labor Replacement”? What the trend for future? They start a meaningful communication. 2021 newest laser cutting solutions for various of labels (Woven label, embroidery patches, heat transfer label, printed label, etc). Product Reviewing: 1) New product publish, GN1080CCD-AT. Auto-feeding laser cutting machine for roll labels! Half labor required, 1 person can operate 5 machines! 2) New product publish, GN1081TT-CCD. Double heads async laser cutting for sheet woven & embroidery patches label! Double capacity. 3) XXP3.1-180-CCD, Multi-label high speed laser marking & cutting machine for heat transfer label, woven labels, and more customized labels. This is the model of the trend for the future! 4) FB07CCD, Automatic soldering iron edge burning machine. 1 person operate 10 units machine, and labor replacement, free...
  • May 08,2014
    During the CISMA (China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show), we’ll display the LONG series laser cutting machine jointly launched by Italian GMI and our company, and introduce how to perfectly apply Italian laser technologies in your embroidery equipment. Computer embroidery will change the traditional embroidery, and realize the perfect combination of laser and embroidery craft, which can bring different aesthetics, dynamism and textures to traditional textile fabrics, create a natural, fashionable and unique atmosphere, and provide a feast for eyes.  All wonders can be found in the LONG series laser cutting machines jointly launched by GBOS and Italian GMI. 
  • Oct 21,2013
    On December 20, the LONG Series Laser Cutting System produced by GBOS Laser, designed for lace embroidery laser cutting, was introduced at a press conference at the company’s headquarters. The LONG Series Laser Cutting Machine is new equipment jointly developed by GBOS Laser and the Italian GMI Company (over 20 years industrial experience, which built long-term cooperative relationship with GBOS, to realized the production of world-class LONG Series Laser Cutting Machine). It is a high-performance machine with advanced European technology, high-standard design, fashionable appearance, long service life, and retains high value over time.   The LONG Series Laser Cutting System is specifically designed for Schiffli embroidery machines and lace products cutting. Multiple cutting modes are available: ordinary cutting, high-accuracy pulse cutting of thick materials and engraving. The LONG Series Laser Cutting System can perform computerized embroidery pattern cutting. Lasers used in the embroidery industry could process a wide scope of fabrics, with smooth incision, automatic closing, and no deformation or other deficiencies. The LONG Series uses a brushless motor to drive the laser head with high processing speed and fast movement speed. Using advanced processing techniques from Italy, under the same conditions, it has faster cutting speed and shorter switching...
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Garment Accessories Industry
Optional automatic feeding function can realize unattended automatic identification and cutting of rolled trademarks, improve output and save labor.
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