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XXP3.1-250 Reflective Material Laser Cutting Machine
With the unique patented technology of the GBOS LASER, the XXP3.1-250N is superior to similar models in speed and precision.

Marking+ cutting.

Imported metal generator, no sonsumable parts.

User friendly design, inegral forming, Multi dimensional exhausting system.

Unique optical system, leading accuracy, thinner marking line, show perfect details.

Solve the laser processing challenge, no yellow edge, no burn edge and no pecular edge.

High efficiency perforating, 300 holes per second, 15-20 times than common cutting machines.

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Working area Gross power Laser power Power supply Dimension Overall weight System compatible
400*400mm 6800W 250W 220V, 50Hz/60Hz ,30A 1080x1000x1550mm 250kg Windows XP/7/8/10,AI,PLT,DXF,DST,BMP,JPG,JPEG,PNG
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Industry Solutions
  • Garment Accessories Industry
  • Underwear Industry
  • Denim Industry
  • Footwear Industry
  • Leather Goods
Garment Accessories Industry
The camera quickly captures the outline of the label for precise cutting. The software automatically identifies unqualified products and cuts without burnt edges or yellow edges. Any angle of label is possible.
Garment Accessories Industry
Underwear Industry
AI VisionScan tech elevates lace cutting precision. Combined with our VisionScan PUR dispensing system and 3D non-contact bra cup cutting, we provide a streamlined digital solution for lingerie production, maximizing material use and ROI.
Underwear Industry
Denim Industry
Green solutions with less water, less chemical, less energy, less emission, one standard for production, and easy operation.
Denim Industry
Footwear Industry
AI-Driven, smart footwear Manufacturing 4.0: zero cutting-dies, one-stop digital cutting solutions.
Footwear Industry
Leather Goods
In the traditional leather cutting filed, it faced many problem! How to solve it?
Leather Goods
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