• Dear Jora,
    The Fair is already finish.I was exhibitor with Judy for the new TCD device.
    For the Laser machines I didn’t see any brand better than Gbos as structure, easy use LCD even if you replay to my different points that I asked you to upgrade them.
    We have new orders. I think Zied already inform you or still no.Any way I will let you know.
    For any new product, please inform me.
    Thanks and best regards.
    Mr Adnene Belaid
  • Chinnasamy Muthu: World NO:1 denim marking machine....
    Chinnasamy Muthu
  • The machine is working really fine, we are very happy with it, but I need time to work with all the posibilities and fuctions of the machine. I told to Jake that I will be in contact to keep on improving the work.
    Best regards.
  • thank you for your concern about the machine.
    Everything's OK at the moment (and hope will be for the future).
    Now we only need to practice.  If we will need some help we will contact you.
    have a great day
  • Dear Vivie, Good Day!
    Thank so much you for the invitation you offer us! 
    I read your reply very carefully; I found your point of view correct and juicy.
    I’m convinced that you are a classy cooperator and it’s worthful to do our best in order to work together!
  • [2014-03-11 14:53:25]
    Hercik: gbos is no.1!!!!!:)
    [2014-03-10 15:31:31]
    Hercik: so hopefully we can make it :) in crisis know that you are a good company. starting out I really like it :)
    [2014-03-10 15:32:50]
    Hercik: Today I have a bad day, I have problems with teeth and suffer total. I am very happy that you helped me! 
  • My customer like your machine.

    Good performance compared to other companies.
  • [15:45:08] ibr: ok. also there some good sounds is coming in my around. many people heard about" i bought one small red machine " "it is small and very powerfull and fast"
    [15:47:57] jora: :)i am really happy to hear that. and hope more people can use this "red small but powerfull fast machine"
    [15:48:10] ibr: surely,
    [15:51:11] ibr: sei salesman is not coming to my office after he heard about i bought another machine,
    [15:52:04] ibr: because of if he came i will show him your macihne and can compare and proof as fast as sei
    [15:58:12] jora: sure. GBOS service and quality all can compared with any europ machine, but with better price.
  • Thanks for your help to deliver the Laser Cutter yesterday!
    It is nice to cooperate with you. The communication is also very well. Thanks a lot!
    Please, give my best regards to your production manager and to your boss.
    Detlef Boerjes
  • I would like to inform you about our experience regarding the collaboration between our companies. As you know we purchase a laser machine from China-Gbos Company and we transported to Romania by ship. The collaboration with company Gbos was excellent: they answer to all our question immediately, very polite and ready to help, even after we received the machine.  The collaboration with the transport company from Slovenia, BOX LINE D.O.O was good too as they reply fast and respect the terms of delivery. For this we would like to thank...