Small Batch& Customized–Leather Sofa [One-stop] Intelligent Nesting + Cutting

March 16, 2024
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“As the rigid demand for living space grows among the younger generation, the demand for furniture catering to small spaces, cost-effectiveness, and integrated design is increasing. This trend, coupled with increasingly stringent environmental standards set by the government, is pushing leather furniture manufacturers to transition towards digitization and green manufacturing, aiming for dual optimization of cost-effectiveness.”


01 Leather Nesting and Cutting: Manual vs. Automated


Traditionally, crafting a standard leather sofa requires nesting and cutting different sizes and qualities of leather for various parts of the sofa. During this process, craftsmen face challenges such as material displacement and wastage through manual nesting and cutting. This method not only lacks efficiency but also results in low material utilization. Additionally, it’s difficult to transfer such skills, leading to challenges in finding experienced craftsmen.


In contrast, employing digital equipment for nesting centralizes data processing and swiftly provides multiple nesting schemes through cloud computing analysis, significantly reducing material wastage and achieving efficient cutting. This integrated solution of nesting and cutting saves considerable time, labor costs, and boosts leather utilization rates to 85% or higher.


Moreover, the nesting equipment seamlessly connects with cutting equipment, achieving nesting + cutting in one step, saving considerable time and labor costs.


02 Digital Leather Nesting + Cutting Solution


For leather furniture nesting + cutting, GBOS offers a range of intelligent devices to optimize the nesting and cutting process, significantly enhancing production efficiency and material utilization.


ITS3-3012 equipment enables efficient digital nesting of leather materials, maximizing leather savings.



KC1660TT*2 enables intelligent cutting of large leather surfaces, with dual-head asynchronous operation, automatic feeding + projection, significantly reducing labor costs.


Incorporating these two machines into your production workshop would undoubtedly be a wise choice! By substituting “several steps” with “one step,” you achieve a [one-stop] nesting + cutting solution.


03 Digitization Enhances Seating Comfort


“Infusing quality into every detail for those who pursue a quality life.” Pursuing quality is not only a commitment that leather manufacturers offer to consumers but also a guarantee that GBOS provides to manufacturers.


Data intelligence enhances interoperability, reduces environmental impact, and precisely positions each tailored leather piece, enhancing seating comfort. Transitioning from small batch production to large batch orders while complying with Industry 4.0 standards, GBOS elevates cutting quality through intelligent [one-stop] nesting + cutting.


We uphold the use of intelligent equipment [nesting + cutting] to ensure high consistency and precision, ensuring that each component is manufactured in accordance with design specifications, maintaining product uniformity and comfort. Ultimately, this upgrade in seating comfort resolves issues related to small batch, customized production!

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    Pub Date: Mar 22, 2024
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