ITMA 2019 | GBOS Makes “China Intelligent Manufacture” Resound in Europe

June 09, 2019
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Europe International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMA) is a new technology platform for textile and garment machinery. It is the top event in textile industry. It is held every four years in different regions of Europe. The 18th ITMA will be held at the Fira de Barcelona June 20-26, 2019. Exhibitors from all over the world will gather here to show the most leading-edge innovations in textile and garment processing.

Booth information

Exhibition: The 18th European International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMA 2019)
Time: June 20-26, 2019
Venue: Fira de Barcelona Gran Via Convention Center
GBOS booth number: H3-D248

As a technological equipment  producer. Gbos will bring a variety of textile and garment laser processing equipment, and smart garment laser solutions on ITMA. Show you the many advantages of laser and the revolutionary changes brought by China smart manufacturing and innovative technologies to and apparel industry.
  • Equipped with newly developed special visual recognition equipment;
  • Replace traditional process, realize smart laser washing equipment which is automatically integrated into denim production (cat whiskers, scrapping, destroy, grinding, full prints);
  • Fast speed cutting system specially designed for digital printing industry.
Exhibition equipment 
GN1081SCCD/5.0 Smart dual camera positioning laser cutting machine.
✓Edge optimization

✓Multi mode cutting

✓Speed increased by 40%-50%✓Large size automatic edge cutting
✓Deformation matching cutting (automatically adjust cutting based on deformation) ​
Smart automatic lace laser cutting machine
✓Intelligent industrial camera
✓Fully automatic unattended operation
✓Lace-specific visual recognition system (national patent)
✓Smart flexible 
fabric, precision feeding system (national patent)
✓Automated design in accordance with European CE safety standards
✓A dedicated visual recognition system specially developed for lace optimization, automatic recognition and cutting
GH1610-AT-SCCD digital cutting system
✓IOT system
✓Auto feeding system
✓SCCD smart visual recognition system
✓More energy-efficient smart suction function
✓Smart nesting – saving material, fast, automatic counting
XXP5-600-2D the fifth generation of smart denim washing system
✓Exhaust system
✓Automatic feeding system
✓Red light positioning system
✓Projector positioning system
✓Portable projector positioning system
✓Multi application, integrated system (cat whiskers, scrapping, destroy, grinding, full prints)
GBOS looking forward for you~
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