Product Line

2000 x 1500mm
(79 x 59 in)
CO2 Glass tube
The large-format laser cutting bed is specially designed for batch cutting in large areas and can be integrated into various production lines.
1200 x 1500mm
(47 x 59 in)
CO2 Glass tube
The medium-format fast laser cutting bed is designed to meet demands for specific areas.
120 x 120mm
(5 x 5 in)
CO2 RF metal tube
As a laser marking system installed on production line, the CO2-F30A can complete marking of production date and barcode of non-metallic products.
100 x 100mm
(4 x 4 in)
Fiber laser
As a marking machine installed on production lines, the YLP10-F is specially designed for marking of metals and ABS products on the assembly line.
458 x 305mm
(18 x 12 in)
CO2 Glass tube
As a small, exquisite and economic non-metallic laser engraving & cutting system, the MINI has an integrated design. The whole machine is equipped with only one power line and suitable for entry-level users.