The chosen industry : Denim Industry
  • XXP3-180-XP
    Left and Right Interactive Working Table Laser Marking Machine
    Working area: 700*700mm
    Left and right interactive stencil laser marking machine can improve work efficiency and save time
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  • XXP4-180-XP
    CO2 Laser Marking Machine - XXP4-180-XP
    Working area: 1000*1000mm
    Model room & development center, small batch order production.
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  • XXP4-320
    CO2 Laser Marking Machine
    Working area: 1000*1000mm
    Meet user needs for speed and work area flexibility to cut thicker materials in a small area and mark in a large area.
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  • XXP4-250
    CO2 Laser Marking Machine
    Working area: 1000*1000mm
    Customized to meet the needs of high-end users for material processing speed and flexibility in the work area, the XXP series models are equipped with multiple optical innovation technologies of Guangbo Laser and the design of the laser 3D dynamic marking system.
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  • XXP6-320-SCCD-AT-FS
    Auto Feeding Laser Washing Denim Jeans
    Working area: 1200*1600mm
    Special customized model —technology S-Denim 6.0, ecology S-Denim 6.0, process application S-Denim 6.0, fully a set of laser denim dry process!
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  • XXP5-600-AW
    Laser S-Denim 6.0 Dry Process Solutions
    Working area: 1350*1350mm
    The first one in Asia—Technology S-Denim 6.0, Ecology S-Denim 6.0, Process application S-Denim 6.0, Fully a set of laser denim dry process! Digitization pay respects to traditional processes.
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  • XXP5-600-3D
    3D Laser Washing System for Denim Jeans
    Working area: 1500*1500mm
    More strong 3D stereoscopic impression, laser washing is not rigid anymore initiative in Asia.
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  • XXP5-320-2D
    Denim Laser Washing Process - Denim Dry Process
    Working area: 1200*1200mm
    The XXP5-320 is specially developed for the denim jeans industry to engrave cat’s whiskers, monkeys, snowflakes, and various personalized words and patterns on fabrics with clear texture. It is environmentally safe and performs with high efficiency and durability.
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  • XXP5-600-2D
    Denim Laser Marking Systems
    Working area: 1200*1200mm
    Big power, higher speed denim jeans laser washing machine with projector pre-viewer and positioning function. Which finished the cat whisker, monkey washing and damage ,etc more faster. High efficiency and environmental protection.
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  • XXP4-180-XP(DENIM)
    3D Dynamic CO2 Denim Laser Marking Systems
    Working area: 1000*1000mm
    Flexible material delivery methods aim to improve the efficiency
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  • XXP4-180-AT(DENIM)
    3D Dynamic CO2 Denim Laser Marking Systems with Auto Feeding
    Working area: 1000*1000mm
    Flexible material delivery methods aim to improve the efficiency.
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  • XXP4-320(DENIM)
    3D Dynamic CO2 Denim Laser Marking Systems for Denim Jeans/Jacket
    Working area: 1000*1000mm
    The XXP4-320 is designed to meet users' demands for flexibility in speed and working area
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  • XXP4-180(DENIM)
    3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking System for Deinm Jeans/Jacket
    Working area: 1000*1000mm
    With a UK Luxinar CO2 laser, the XXP4-180 is developed for marking on large surfaces of non-metallic materials. Compared with traditional printing and dyeing, laser engraving features durability, environmentally safe platemaking, convenient pattern making and modification, clear fast engraving patterns and stereoscopic capability.
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  • XXP3-180(DENIM)
    Children's Jeans And Technology Of Partial Damaging
    Working area: 600*600mm
    Equipped with famous UK Luxinar CO2 laser, occupy small area, but could handle all dry process of denim and customized deisgn pattern, with own developped software to edit the design.
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