Laser Cutting Systems


1600 x 600mm
(63 x 23 in)
CO2 Glass tube
Gbos laser cutting machine V8 Plus with advantages of the older 7 generations incorporated, it improves speed by 35% and saves waste by 10%. In one word, more capable and practical in use.
1600 x 1000mm
(62 x 39 in)
CO2 Glass tube
The GH1610T-AT replaces manual work and performs actual unattended operation. It features powerful automatic feeding for various materials in an actual integrated feeding system rather than material pulling system.
1600 x 700mm
67 x 27.6 in)
CO2 Glass tube
GH1611TT-AT-SCCD auto-feeding double rail dual head laser machine specially designed for rapid laser cutting for small digital printing fabrics and woven label. Equipped with SCCD Visual recognizing system, automatically complete fabric pattern outline recognition and graphics for edges, thus accurate fabric cutting. Intelligent and production efficiency is greatly improved..