Laser Marking Systems


300 x 300 - 600 x 600mm
(11.8 11.8 - 24 x 24 in)
CO2 RF metal tube
Gbos laser marking machine, adopts ROFIN CO2 laser generator, no consumable parts, longer working life. The table rotates faster and increases work efficiency. Integrated for both cutting and marking, super fast perforating holes, 300holes per second, 15-20 times than common cutting machine. 
1200 x 600mm
(24 x 24 in)
CO2 RF metal tube
User-friendly design of integral construction with triple exhausters
Unique optical system (20% faster)
Imported metal sealed laser generator - no gas consumption
Capable of both cutting & marking
Big working area(300*300-600*600mm adjustable)
Safety sensor