Laser marking systems

200 300 500mm

(7.8 12 20 in)
CO2 RF metal tube
As a bridge type laser system, the LONG3 works synchronously with embroidery machines. As a model jointly developed by GBOS and the Italian GMI company, the LONG series retains Italian quality and technology and has a more competitive price.
500 x 500mm
(20 x 20 in)
CO2 RF metal tube

As a laser system installed on Schiffli, the GXH2000 completes precision positioning, cutting and engraving of products through a camera positioning system. The machine has one laser system for two opposing sides.

B60 button laser engraving device B60
65 x 65mm
(2.6 x 2.6 in)
CO2 RF metal tube
The B60 is a laser engraving device installed on button machines. The laser engraving speed is 100% synchronous with the working speed of the button machine, with no delay, and is 20% faster than similar Italian models.
175 x 175mm
(7 x 7 in)
UV laser
The UV Series laser marking machine has high optical quality and small focal spot and can solve such problems as thermal deformation and charring of machining materials. The UV3A is suitable for marking high-polymer materials such as sapphires.
120 x 120mm
(5 x 5 in)
CO2 RF metal tube
As a laser marking system installed on production line, the CO2-F30A can complete marking of production date and barcode of non-metallic products.
100 x 100mm
(4 x 4 in)
Fiber laser
As a marking machine installed on production lines, the YLP10-F is specially designed for marking of metals and ABS products on the assembly line.
300 x 300 - 600 x 600mm
(11.8 11.8 - 24 x 24 in)
CO2 RF metal tube
Gbos laser marking machine, adopts ROFIN CO2 laser generator, no consumable parts, longer working life. The table rotates faster and increases work efficiency. Integrated for both cutting and marking, super fast perforating holes, 300holes per second, 15-20 times than common cutting machine.