Speech on GBOS LASER 10th Anniversary

May 12, 2014
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By Mr Liu Wen( General manager of GBOS LASER)

Firstly, I am on behalf of GBOS Laser, express our sincere thanks for all customers. GBOS LASER brilliance achievement based on both your support and cooperation; Also highly appreciate all gbos staff and gbos family! Your best effort and contribution push GBOS leading in the whole field! 
How time flies, since GBOS Laser founded in 2004, devote to “customer first”; humanized management; focus on laser application automation; Strictly quality control ; constantly tech upgrade, persistently service improvement during the whole 10 years. Now GBOS Laser sales net covers the whole word, flashing to every corner…
Ten years up and down, GBOS laser always hold concept of “innovation achieve development, quality cast the future”. So far, GBOS R&D over ten series laser systems, that more than 150 variety of equipments can perfectly offer solutions to over 10000 user’s around the world. On employee welfare, based on the well provided diet and accommodation, GBOS people enjoys the company’s human care trough the yearly travels and outdoor development activities, to gradually realized the corporation goal of “All GBOS people will be proud of the well-known GBOS”, realized the win-win between companies and employees.
Looking ahead, GBOS laser cherish every valuable experience in the past ten years, the harvest is not just a good reputation, but also the good enterprise idea for pursuing perfection, widely make friends, and seek development together. Currently, GBOS laser has excellent professional team, strict scientific management system, strictly and normative the engineering quality standards, scientific and perfect environmental technology processes, standards design complied user experience both at home and abroad, excellent selection, transparent price; company has been approved the “national high-tech enterprise”, “Guangdong private technology enterprises”, “ISO9001 quality management system certification”, the products approved the “European union CE certification””FDA certification””design patent certification” and “utility model patent certification” etc. become a world-renowned brand, make our laser products have 80% market share in many industries, assisted many industry users involved in the international competition.
Never forget where our success comes from, Gbos Laser thanks all for your support and generous help. So we will and must abide by our promise: provide customers with the best quality products and service; provide employee a good career platform; with our sincere to win your trust! And try to create the world’s first laser industry brand.
Hence, Wish all Gbos people can unite together and give full play the sense of ownership, seriously do as following:
We must know clearly that the mission we undertake, corporation goal that we have to forward. With a strong mind to face any difficulty, and never give up.
We must keep a powerful enthusiasm and execution, give full play to the team fighting capacity, maintain high morale and vitality.
We should focus on the four point of management: set goals, make plans, carry out project, know the obligation and right, continue to strengthen the organizational concepts, plan coordination concepts and system operation concepts. Only once we cherish the booming power of this industry and seize the chance given by the times. We will create the success for ourselves and demonstrate the value of our life fully.
Finally, I sincerely wish our friends, colleagues and family members all the best, good health and happiness. Wish GBOS Laser a prosperous future. Thanks you!

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