Happy Women’s Day

March 08, 2021
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Happy Women’s Day to all the incredible women. Sure, not just today but everyday.
Happy woven men's day
Life is always aksing for a choice, DIY a lipstick for your girlfriends, and then use laser engraver machine marking your own logo for her! Such us: her name, her birthday, your anniversaries and so on, It must be an amazing gift, and will be your most colorful answer!

laser marking lipstick caseWhether metal, plastic or leather case. Can be engraved by laser with any words and patterns you want!
Customize a lipstick just for her!  Any other gifts can also be engraved by laser machine.
laser marking machine

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  • Women, like vibrant blooming flowers, each possess their unique colors and fragrance. They refuse to be defined, resist being labeled, and boldly live out their brilliance.         Women’s Day comes to us with a warm spring breeze. This holiday is a celebration of the unique charm of every woman and a tribute to their spirit of independence.   On this festive day, major e-commerce platforms are offering carefully prepared gifts for female friends, while users showcase their self-awareness and independence through their consumption choices.   Underwear, as a woman’s intimate companion, is no longer a mere covering. It embodies women’s dual pursuit of comfort and beauty, serving as an important medium for expressing their self-style and attitude in this era of individuality and freedom. Brands like Ubras, with “comfort aesthetics” as their core concept, are leading the innovation trend in the lingerie market.   Guided by the philosophy of “comfort aesthetics,” allowing women to simultaneously possess “comfort” and “beauty,” Ubras has undertaken revolutionary changes in the production process of underwear. Among them, the most crucial is the adhesive technology.   ● Technical Support behind Ubra’s Success It employs advanced adhesive bonding technology, breaking through the limitations of...
    Pub Date: Mar 08, 2024
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