GBOS Ten Anniversary Celebration Speech from President Mr. LiuWen

December 22, 2014
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Dear distinguished guests, Media friends, suppliers, GBOS people, respected leaders, beloved family members of our gbos colleagues, Good evening! I’m very glad and appreciate that you spare the time and travel the long journey to attend our celebration, that’s the best support and great kindness to Gbos. Today, what I want to speak is: share and gratitude.

I would like to appreciate Mrs LING, who was my first boss after I entered into the society at the first time , she is also my life mentor. Backed to the 1993. When I was 17 and 18 years old. At that period of time, it is very hard to find a job, I felt so lucky that i found a good job, and I was very appreciated it. My boss trusted in me and appointed me as the manager in a short time because I regarded the job as my own business. She guided me and said: honesty in life, practical in work. And we still keep interaction by now.

The second person I need to appreciate is Mr LIN. I remember the time when I managed my own small company, my main business was selling the spare parts of embroidery machines and the maintenance. 
In 1999, I took one bag of spare parts and two sets of machines, hoped to sale to Mr Lin. You would never believe that he just bought all these products, even though I have no business experience and confidence. Now we are the best friends.
With the occasional chance in 2002, I found these 2 machines still laid in his warehouse and didn’t open the package at all, I was so moved. When I referred to open the business in the laser field in 2004, he was completely agreed with me, and Mr. LIN, he was the first person who purchased our first laser machine.
he always cameout/boldly/when I met some difficulties/in my business 
career,  I still remembered the words he said to me:  we should embrace others and strong ourselves. At this moment, I must express my sincere thanks to Mr. Lin, he is the road lamp of my life.
The third person I would like to appreciate is Mr JI,the owner of the SQ embroidery factory.
In 2008,there were lots of enterprises impacted/by/financial/crisis and 
the same with GBOS./In August/2008, I visited him/and introduced our 
Camera-oriented laser/cutting machine and he bought from us without any doubt.
But the machine could not satisfied with his requirements for the embroidery labels cutting after he received the machine. But he said, 
No problem! as long as we could adjust the machine and met his requirement, the same time he encouraged us and gave us a lot of advises for the label cutting, which gave much confidence to us, I conducted our engineers to make an improvement for almost 1 month and finally met his demands. What’s more, during this tough time, we sold over 50 sets of CCD camera laser cutting machines through the introduction of Mr JI, 
It’s really a big support to us.

Since then, I have met many important people in the label cutting industry, such as 
the boss of JIEWEI, 
Mr Peng from SML, and so on.  
I can’t listed all the people  who gave me help in such a short time.
I am very grateful for everybody here, you raise Gbos up. Thank you!

At the beginning, We established the company only have five people, Until today we have more than 100 youthful colleagues, At this moment, I would like to thank you for all the Gbos colleagues and new colleagues with the company growing together,

Here I would like to thank some colleagues particllarly, they are:
The factory director Miss HUANG, 
My brother Mr LIUHAI, 
The technician Mr ZHAO, 
And after-sales service Mr TU、Mr PING、and MrTANG, 
Thank you very much for your support and follow, you bring Gbos a wonderful today! To make this celebration become more meaningful,

Ten years ago you were less than 20 years old.
Now, all have grown up, and Gbos is 10 years old!! 
we believe, gbos will be getting stronger and stronger,
Last but not least, thanks for my family, you are my strong support!
Thank you very much!!!

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