Caring for Children with Autism, Practice Social Responsibility

November 23, 2023
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Autism not only brings serious survival barriers to this group itself, but also from the moment their children are diagnosed, as parents, they are steadfastly trying every means to stay ahead of their children. So, what can we do to address the social integration challenges of children with autism?


With this idea and question in mind, GBOS Charity Foundation, in collaboration with the China Guangdong Lions Clubs, went to the child autism rehabilitation center in Dongguan on November 3, 2023. We try to help every autistic child with action!

Entering the classroom, we saw lovely faces one to another. We have also truly understood what autistic children are. Perhaps it’s the inability to take care of oneself in terms of clothing, food, housing, and transportation, personal emotions that are difficult to control, self reliant running around, or unwillingness to interact with the outside world……


We try to communicate with them, play games with them, interact with them, and use warmth and smiles to make them open up and gradually accept the world beyond themselves’ world; Try using artistic healing methods such as music and handicrafts to stabilize and express emotions, gradually improving communication skills and social adaptability, and enhancing their confidence.


On this journey full of love and care, we deeply understand that the story behind it is touching. The growth path of autistic children cannot be separated from the firm companionship and selfless efforts of parents, family members, special education teachers, rehabilitation therapists, doctors, and social workers. They silently pay for their children day after day, giving them endless patience and care.


However, the number of teachers engaged in rehabilitation education for children with autism is only about 100000, among which about 1000 professionals hold international certification for intervention qualifications, and they need to serve up to 2500 children.


How to solve the current situation of autistic children? Where will their future go? This issue is not only a concern of parents, but also a common mission of the entire society, and a responsibility that a company should bear and provide assistance.


GBOS Charity Foundation and all its clients and friends have responded to this mission with practical actions. We take the power of all our customers and friends to enter the world of autistic children together, understand their needs, and provide all the help we can provide. (Each GBOS machine you purchase will cost 50-1000 yuan for charitable foundations)


At the same time, we advocate for the public to increase awareness and understanding of autism and reduce misunderstandings and biases towards them. We strive to create an inclusive and accepting environment where they can freely showcase their personalities and talents.


In the future, GBOS will continue to practice corporate social responsibility (ESG), continuously pay attention to and take practical actions to help more people. Let’s light up the way forward for autistic children together!

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