GBOS 2023 Year-End Banquet

January 24, 2024
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Marching Forward with Unyielding Spirit. On January 20th, the grand celebration of GBOS’s 2023 year-end banquet, themed “Ride the Wind and Waves, Forge Ahead,” marked a significant day. 


GBOS people from around the globe gathered to raise their glasses in celebration, sharing the honor and festivities. It was a night of mutual blessings, mutual praise, and mutual appreciation, where we looked forward to painting a magnificent blueprint together. 


On this night, the bonds between all GBOS members grew stronger, connecting dreams to dreams.


Opening Address


gbos 2023 year end Banquet award

At the opening of the event, Mr. Liu Wu, Deputy General Manager of GBOS, delivered an important speech on behalf of the company, providing a comprehensive and profound summary of GBOS’s performance in 2023.


He cleverly introduced the four core keywords for 2024: “Empowerment, Authorization, Responsibility, ESG,” starting with the phrase “break from within.” These words are not only progressive but also closely related to personal growth, company development, and corporate expansion.


He further explained how we will continue to deepen the brand concept of “Cutting Edge for Tomorrow,” which empowers more users by providing advanced digital solutions and actively practicing ESG principles, contributing to global environmental goals such as carbon neutrality and carbon peaking. In this way, we not only drive the company’s growth but also support societal progress and environmental protection.


Through Mr. Liu Wu’s exposition, we gained a clearer understanding of GBOS’s future direction and goals, instilling confidence and expectations for the company’s prospects.


gbos 2023 year end Banquet award

Following this, Mr. Liu Wen, CEO of GBOS, expressed gratitude to everyone in attendance on behalf of the company. Looking ahead to 2024, he emphasized our role as pioneers in technological innovation and benchmarks in service quality. We will continue to invest in research and development and deepen our industry insights to ensure that our digital solutions remain at the forefront. Our pursuit extends beyond technological innovation; it is about building a better and sustainable future for GBOS.



Honors Gala – Stars Shine Bright


Driven by passion and fueled by dreams, we persistently strive forward. The journey through challenges ultimately leads to this shining moment. Tonight, we present over 10+ awards, including recognition for outstanding employees, support for innovative development, and acknowledgment of excellent teams. The road may be long, but success is within reach. Let us ride the wind and waves together!

gbos 2023 year end Banquet award


Every department at GBOS showcases their talents, turning the annual meeting into an ocean of joy with spectacular performances. Laughter and blessings fill the air as we welcome the new year.

gbos 2023 year end Banquet award


More Captivating Moments from the Event

The thrilling lottery segment reaches its climax, elevating the atmosphere of the entire banquet to its peak.


gbos 2023 year end Banquet award


With this annual gathering and feast, GBOS bids farewell to the Year of the Rabbit, ushering in the auspicious Year of the Dragon with joyous rhythms.

gbos 2023 year end Banquet award


In 2024, let us break through from within, ride the wind and waves, and forge ahead together.

A new year, a new journey. Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year and abundant blessings in the Year of the Dragon!

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