Add color to love, imagine the future, |2017 GBOS charity children’s paintings collection activities

September 07, 2023
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Use love to help students learn and protect their dream, GBOS charitable fund has 3rd anniversary, in order to help children in poor areas to go to school, GBOS charitable fund has been committed to practice. Children are the future of us, school is the child’s future path, GBOS held 2017 charity children’s painting collection activities to more children can understand those poor children, since can establish good values and cultivate love, stimulate on the future of the imagination.
Ps: Pay attention! mom and Dad! Small artists who join the event can not only take back the rich and interesting prizes, but also see the baby’s name in many kids of propaganda! The activity is not in size, but in the special meaning of the baby.
Pick up your brush,
Let love and happiness pass on!
GBOS 2017 charity children’s paintings
The solicitation has begun
Welcome all children who from all around the country to join us enthusiastically!
Activities theme: “add color to love, imagine the future”, “GBOS 2017” Dr. Love Charity children’s paintings collection
Collection time:from April 28, 2017 to May 18th
Collection target: 3-12 year old children
Collection requirements:
1.The form is hand-painted, the content conforms to the theme, the style is not limited
2. GBOS’s LOGO will appear in the painting
3. the front of the work is marked “children’s name + age” (written on the place that does not affect the overall picture)
4. indicate the contact and phone number on the back of the work (very important, so that you can send the prizes later)
Delivery mode:
1. Electronic delivery
Please use your cell phone or camera to take photos of the positive aspects of the work. The photos need clear and require more than 300dpi resolution, send to or upload to Sina, micro-blog, and @GBOS light doctor laser
2. Send in the form of…
Mailing address:Dongcheng district Dongguan city, Guangdong Province.
Name of factory: Dongguan GBOS laser, Polytron Technologies Inc
Addressee: Mr. Chen of promotion department (mobile phone: 13825704135) post code: 523707
Painting selection:
The panel will be composed of members of GBOS+ art experts, and will be selected on a fair, just and open basis.
6, after the organizers of the first round of screening, will be excellent works inGBOS, WeChat public number launched an open vote, high votes finalists, final selection.
Selection criteria: close to the theme (40%) + Art (30%) + future imagination (30%)
Awards setting:
1. Winners Award
Selected the 12 winning entries (with signature) made of GBOS’s 2018 calendar, publicly issued and publicity.
Another surprise Award (temporarily confidential)
Have more opportunities to become Dr. light, caring, public welfare angel, participate in Dr. light, love, public welfare and fund-raising activities.
2. Participation Award (all participants have)
Publicity of works in action
Exclusive certificate of “GBOS artist”
A G-boy(GBOS endorsement dolls)
Matters needing attention:
1. Each person received 1 pieces, have their own original works, such as plagiarism or others ghostwriter, are not all the legal responsibility for the selection of works produced by the contributor bear.
2. Candidates shall not be returned. The right of use shall be owned by the organizer. The work has been submitted and deemed to be the right of the doctor to print, publish and distribute the work.
3. The right to interpret this collection shall be owned by the organizer.

Use your imagination and creativity
Brush your hands
Paint the future in your mind!

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