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January 13, 2021
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In the past few days, footwear and garment cutting application process communication conference was held in DongGuan, China. The theme is based on “One-stop Smart Cutting Solution”!  GBOS LASER INC. announced that it will freely open APIs and industry 4.0. for footwear and apparel manufacturing enterprises.
In this conference, a series of smart shoe and apparel production equipment on-site demonstration. Real-time update of equipment processing data information. Showing the production pattern of smart manufacture Industry 4.0! Let’s enter the era of 100% die less, 100% data-based, 100% mature!
Previously, it need a lot of time and cost to product a pair of new shoes, from designing, layoutting, model making, and producting. So it need to product a large amount to achieve profits.
But GBOS smart manufacturing machine can help you. From order taking, designing, manufacturing, storaging, market, etc.
IoT Bridge: Integrated with ERP and MES systems(Order pre-scheduling, help you to set up accurate production plans, less stock unprocessed materials; Making the right use of equipment, shorten production periods.) 
Real-time device management: Campatible with both laser cutting machine, oscillating knife cutting machine, auto marking line mahcine. A computer controls the whole production line, you can know the running status and processing information of all machines.
Digitalized lean production, enter digital transformation: OEE display board(Real-time production processes, production date monitoring, material usage and efficiency monitoring. 
Reducing the manual handling with low inefficient and increasing personnel effectiveness. )
Southern Metropolis Daily Reported: According to GBOS LASER INC. The garment industry is a traditional industry and a large industry, only by constantly using high technology to dovetail with traditional industrY, can we enhance the traditional industry technology!

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