A letter to All GBOS Friend

September 23, 2020
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Dear friends,

Long time no see, how are you doing my friend this year? GBOS teammate miss you so much~

Due to the impact of the epidemic, It is a very hard year for everyone. We wish you are fine and health. GBOS also do not have the exhibition and can’t go out for customer visiting. But we are always trying to go farward~We are full with love and hope, we believe love and hope spread faster than virus. We think we should do something to share GBOS with our friends~

Maybe we are planning something you have never thought.

Yeah, we are planning some videos of appreciate for our dear friends.
Now, you can preview the first video: https://www.facebook.com/221655197861453/posts/4035388863154715/?extid=kc428LYYyLuHJTfH&d=n     
Is it interseting, right? Can you have a guess what will happen next? Come and jion us~ we guess together.
We believe eveything would pass soon~ We look forward to seeing you again! GBOS team will be better when you meet us.
Alll the best,

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