• Denim laser marking system
Denim laser marking systems
  • Big power
  • higher speed denim jeans laser washing machine with projector pre-viewer and positioning function
  • Which finished the cat whisker
  • monkey washing and damage
  • tc more faster. High efficiency and environmental protection
Environmental-friendly: no need to use any chemicals.
Efficient: finish one pair of jeans within 10 seconds for the artwork of cat’s whisker.
Healthy: no polluted working environment guarantees employees' physical and mental health.
Energy-saving: 50L water could be saved by laser wash for each pair of jeans compared to the traditional water washing process.

Jeans are well received by consumers because of comfort and wear proof.
Different dressing styles can be formed due to different garment wash of jeans. Artwork can be applied on jeans with laser technology in various shades of layered patterns with unique, natural and unsophisticated styles. The pattern shape and position is at the operator's require ments with choices including daedal designs such as cat’s whisker, monkey washing, flower types, lattice, characters, stripe, camouflage patterns and so on.
Traditional washing with water requires a high cost of manual labor and has already caused serious environmental and ecological destruction. The laser washing not only greatly reduces the cost, but also caters to the new theme of environmental protection, which integrates the ideas of science, environmental protection and innovation while increasing productivity.

Compared to the traditional washing process, laser washing has an obvious washing effect on pure cotton textile jeans, reducing the K/S value by over 70%, without causing obvious changes in fabric mechanical property or wear resistance and generating no new substances. The laser washing process causes minimal harm to the environment with intelligent processing, which can not only enhance the productivity and effectively save labor, but also cater to the new idea of green production.
Technology Compare:  
Traditional Process Laser application
· Need relay on huge labor manual operation. · Environment-friendly and highly efficient, energy conservation
· Low efficiency, not same appearance. · Easy operation ,save labor cost.
· Using chemicals will cause Serious environment 
  pollution and occupation disease .
· Automatic processing method

Denim fabrics, textile fabrics, leather and other materials.
Laser generator type  Imported Sealed RF CO2 Laser Generator
Cooling method  Water cooling
Working Size 1000mm*1000mm/1200mm*1200mm
Minimum line width 0.65mm
 Minimum Character 2mm
Dimension(L*W*H) Washing system : 3060mm*1830mm*2070mm
Cooling system : 510mm*770mm*940mm
Weight Net weight : 700kg
Environmental requirements (temperature)15-30°
(humidity)30%-80%(no condensation)
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