• 320W Automatic feeding laser marking machine
Automatic feeding laser marking system
The world's only one automatic feeding marking system customized for rolling materials,
and is especially suitable for rolling PV,
PUV and other materials need batched perforation,
engraving, and marking applications.
Compared with the common marking machine,
the efficiency increases more than 3 times ;
and more than 10 times that of ordinary auto feeding cutting machine.

XXP3S series model is widely used in the processing of rolling materials like leather and fabric. Known for its high speed and efficiency, it is suitable for shoes factory and garment factory.

1.Special design - the only one in Asia. Enclosed injection molding, more stable.
2.Combined all capabilities of 11 machine (10 laser cutting machine + 1 laser marking machine).
3. One time finish multi processing (perforation, engraving, cutting, marking) 
4.Fixed table on right side (XXP3 model) is convenient for sample making during mass production
5. Batch production, save labor cost, reduce material waste, save time, increase working efficiency.
6.Software is compatible with both working tables.
7.Equipped with three exhausters to increase the air flow, ensuring good marking effect.

See the video demo
Garment, leather, craft, packaging, advertising, automotive interior,
home textile & furnishing.
Processing Area (mm) 1600×500
Gross Power 5.5KW
System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7
AI , 
PLT , 
DXF , 
DST , 
BMP , 
JPG , 
PNA , 
Weight(kg)  1200KG
Power Supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz,
Environmental  requirements Temperature 15-30℃
Humidity(no condensation)30-80%

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