LA Series


1600 x 700mm
(63 x 28 in)
LA-GH1610-TT-AT-SCCD is Automatic Line-Spraying Machine with double-head double rail, with multi-design, one-key automatic template generation, quick mold change, reducing operation steps.
Simple operation, more efficiency!​ 
1600 x 600mm
(63 x 24 in)
GBOS LA Series is specially desinged for footwear Industry, for automatic marking sewing line machine, which can help enterprise to save labor, improve production efficiency. LA-GH1610-AT-SCCD is suitable for mass production. Multiple materials and parts can be mark line at one time.
Same control system & operating software with laser cutting, marking system.
1600 x 480mm
(63x 19 in)
CO2 Glass tube
V8SCCD-LA is designed based on GBOS Ace models V8SCCD laser cutting machine, more stable! Which perfect dual laser head async motion control systems, It's best choice for footwear factory.
760 x 600mm
(30 x 24 in)
CO2 Glass tube
GBOS GN1080-LA is Smart vamp marking line & laser cutting machine integrated, cutting + spraying line complete at one time, save loading/unloading material time. And this model is suitable for product development.