LA Series


1600 x 700mm
(63 x 28 in)


LA-GH1610-TT-AT-SCCD is Automatic Marking Line Machine with double-head double rail, with multi-design, one-key automatic template generation, quick mold change, reducing operation steps.
Simple operation, more efficiency!​ 

1600 x 600mm
(63 x 24 in)


GBOS LA Series is specially desinged for footwear Industry, for automatic marking sewing line machine, which can help enterprise to save labor, improve production efficiency. LA-GH1610-AT-SCCD is suitable for mass production. Multiple materials and parts can be mark line at one time.
Same control system & operating software with laser cutting, marking system.

1600 x 480mm
(63x 19 in)

CO2 Glass tube

V8SCCD-LA is designed based on GBOS Ace models V8SCCD laser cutting machine, more stable! Which perfect dual laser head async motion control systems, It's best choice for footwear factory.

850 x 500mm
(34x 20 in)


LA-GN1080SCCD-AT adopt with advanced camera optical identify system which can perfectly replace the traditional hand cutting to achieve highest precision and faster speed cutting. It's used to prouduction line, easy to move, easy to be integrated with other systems.

760 x 600mm
(30 x 24 in)

CO2 Glass tube

GBOS GN1080-LA is smart vamp marking line & laser cutting machine integrated, cutting + spraying line complete at one time, save loading/unloading material time. And this model is suitable for product development. 



Essential auto marking line machine in shoe factory, LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD Smart auto marking line machine specially update according market demand, widely used in shoe pieces, garment apparel, bags for sewing parts. Suitable for mass production multiple materials, and parts can be printed at one time.