[GBOS Digital Cutting Center]– Brilliant Flashbacks of Vietnam AI Exchange

March 18, 2024
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 Vietnam’s footwear industry is rising at an unprecedented speed, emerging as a global leader in shoe manufacturing. From high-end leather shoes to trendy athletic footwear, and even industrial safety shoes, Vietnamese manufacturers’ innovation is meeting diverse global consumer demands. Particularly in the athletic footwear sector, Vietnam’s market share continues to expand. 


Faced with challenges and opportunities in the global market, the Vietnamese footwear industry is actively integrating AI technology. Initiatives such as establishing the “AI Digital Intelligent Cutting Center” aim to enhance production efficiency, optimize product design, and ensure a leading position in the fierce global competition.


01  A Brief of Exchange


vietnam ai meeting gbos

On March 15, 2024, local time, the GBOS “AI Digital Intelligent Cutting Center Technology Exchange Conference” officially kicked off its first day of discussions. We extend gratitude to representatives from major brands and manufacturers for gathering to exchange insights on the “digital revolution” in the footwear industry.


AI Digital Intelligent Cutting Center Technology Exchange Conference —

Technical Training: Empowering Traditional Manufacturing with Next-Gen Intelligent Cutting


■ Free training for next-generation intelligent cutting, empowering traditional manufacturing.


AI Digital Intelligent Cutting Center Technology Exchange Conference —

IoT: Digitized Management to Enhance Production Manufacturing Capability

vietnam ai meeting gbos

■ Workshop “digitalization” for intelligent manufacturing;

■ Real-time display of equipment operation and production data, enabling managers to understand workshop machine production status in real-time;

■ TPM equipment maintenance reminders (equipment data monitoring, production quality control, machine fault warnings, consumables replacement reminders).


AI Digital Intelligent Cutting Center Technology Exchange Conference —

Digital Intelligent Cutting Center: Digitizing Your Production Line

vietnam ai meeting gbos

■ Empower your production line with digital upgrades.

■ Maximize material utilization, ensuring every input translates into tangible profits, thereby significantly increasing your profit margins.

■ Whether facing large-volume orders or small-scale diversified orders, easily adapt to ensure efficient and high-quality production.

■ Combined with one-stop intelligent cutting + innovative processes, make your production process more intelligent and efficient.


02  Working Together, Cutting Into the Future

vietnam ai meeting gbos

The Vietnam AI Digital Intelligent Cutting Center Technology Exchange Conference (March 15-16) concluded successfully. We engaged in direct dialogue with industry elites, delving deep into exploring the future prospects and trends of digital smart cutting technology.


In this exchange meeting, we communicated deeply and further understood the strength and goals of GBOS. We are looking forward to your choosing us and working with us to create a new chapter in the industry!

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