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December 16, 2023
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With the deep integration of digital technology and manufacturing, China’s manufacturing industry is rapidly jumping to the high-end value chain and heading towards a new era of “intelligent manufacturing”. The strong rise of China’s intelligent manufacturing has pushed a series of enterprises and industries to the international stage and set sail!


Adhering to the brand concept of “Cutting Edge for Tomorrow“, GBOS is committed to global intelligent manufacturing. Since its establishment in 2005, GBOS has been deeply involved in the industry and has become the trusted choice of users in more than 90 countries and regions around the world. From December 13th to 15th, GBOS came to Vietnam again and appeared at booth B01 of the Hanoi International Footwear and Leather Exhibition! With the theme of “Digital Cutting Center”, China’s intelligent manufacturing solutions are presented to the world!


// Exhibition Site

At the exhibition site, customers came in droves and consultations and negotiations continued. With customized solutions, excellent cutting quality, localized service features and enthusiastic on-site communication, GBOS has allowed more users around the world to see the rise of China’s intelligent manufacturing! This series of features gives more global users confidence in “cutting into the future”.

2023Vietnam shoe exhibition


// Overseas from Quality

Confidence From China to Spain, to the United States, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Vietnam… GBOS global exhibitions are highly sought after, and behind them is the quality support of ingenuity. The footwear industry solutions displayed this time fully demonstrate that GBOS has been deeply involved in the footwear industry for 18 years. He does not just seek speed, but digs deep into the market demand and truly improves solutions and processes from the user’s perspective!


Among them, the leather typesetting system ITS3-3012 undertakes the mission of ” cut every inch of available leather ” to reduce leather waste and reduce leather typesetting masters for manufacturers… Through independent code and new architecture typesetting, the nesting speed is increased by 50%. And its leather utilization rate increase by about 2-10% compared with competitors.


Friends who know GBOS must be familiar with the “ace model” – the AI VisionScan Oscillating knife cutting machine VC9-1670T/N-2SCCD. Equipped with an industrial camera, it can complete same-color mesh fabrics, digital printing materials, and secondary printing with high precision. Secondary cutting and other process applications.



Another machine on site, its mission is to “replace traditional screen printing technology” and is 6 times or more faster than traditional ones. It is called AI VisionScan ink cartridge printing machine SP-GH1280-AT-SCCD. No need for manual alignment or template making, perfect use of automation technology to improve cutting quality!



In addition, all machine data can be included in the IoT Bridge to achieve unified digital management!

gbos IoT


Aiming to create China’s intelligent manufacturing business card, GBOS footwear digital solutions can help you step into industrial 4.0. Click to contact us!

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