11th Edition Bangladesh Denim Expo 2019 — Most Professional Denim Apparel & Fabric Exhibition

October 23, 2019
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Booth information:
Exhibition: Bangladesh Denim Expo 2019
Time: 5-6, Nov., 2019
Hall-5, Booth: A17
Venue: International Convention City, Bashundhara, Dhaka (ICCB)

GBOS LASER has always been focusing on smart laser cutting & marking solutions for Denim Wash industries.
The Fifth Generation Smart Denim laser marking machine XXP5-600-2D will be show on CISMA which can helps you increase make your jeans with one standard. Also can reduce the chemical pollution, promise your worker with health body.

Exhibition equipment 

XXP5-600-2D the fifth generation of smart denim washing system, for make artwork of Destroy, Grinding, Cat whisker, Monkey Wash and etc.

✓ 4 National Patents

✓ Germany laser generator & USA optical system, no comsumable parts.
✓ Technical Synchronization with European
✓ Red light & Projector positioning system
✓ Automatic feeding & flat bed feeding system
✓ etc…  

See you in Dhaka, Bangladesh

GBOS Looking forward to your coming. 
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