Laser marking on plastic material

Permanent effect, anti-counterfeit, high speed, together with high flexibility make laser marker a best choice in marking plastic materials, which are widely used nowadays.

Laser cutting acrylic

Acrylic is widely used in advertising industry, furniture industry and art- ware industry, since it has feature and advantage of transparency. Additionally, it has excellent weather ability of outdoor use, which is superior to any other plastic materials, since it can be used to make different products of different shapes because of its strong surface hardness, smoothness and plasticity.

Laser cutting on paper

With Gbos laser cutting machine, paper and paperboard can be cut into shapes of all sorts according to customer needs. Paper is ranged to thermo-sensitive material, which is easily damaged by direct contact. Laser cutting machine, however, is right for dealing this problem. No damage is left on surfaces of materials.

Laser marking on lamp holder

Gbos laser equipments,with imported high-speed scan galvanometer, can mark characters or pictures needed on lamp holder precisely in a high speed and stable property.

Laser cutting in textile and leather

Gbos laser equipments have excellent performance in cutting textile and clothing of all sorts. It can do with filter pad, linen, felt, insulation substance, leather, cotton and more. Garment industry, especially, can utilize it in embroider, computer woven label, printed label, tailor, leather, cloth toy and more.

Wood process

Gbos laser cutting machine can be used in manufacturing of architecture template, toy and inlay and more. Speed and edge smoothness are guaranteed even they are complex and with irregular shapes.
Gbos laser equipments can be used for cutting wood of all sorts like solid wood, plywood, laminate and medium density fiberboard.
Compared with the traditional one, laser equipment has advantages in the following aspects:
* Though complex the geometry are, smooth and precise edge cutting are guaranteed.

Laser marking on eggs

Laser etching marking on eggs: It is hard to distinguish the good eggs from the bad without information about origins, safety and guarantee period.
With laser marking, however, information about eggs like origin, category, producing date is available. This is of great help in egg selection. Laser mark has an advantage superior to the ink mark in terms of color maintenance. Codes marked on eggs can undergo heat and water when they are cooked; however, no pollution will be left in eggs.

Laser cutting or marking on plastic film switch

For printing industry and thin- film button manufacturer, no laser equipment is better than Gbos on precise cutting. 

Laser cutting on plastic

Though laser cutting is widely used in acrylic cutting, other materials like plastic, polycarbonate, polyethylene can also be cut with it. Some materials with thickness of 3CM can even be cut precisely.

Laser marking on paper, foil and paperboard

With Gbos laser marker, fine materials like paper and metallic foil can be marked without direct contact so as to avoid mechanical pressure and damage.