Laser Applications in Metal Processing Industry

Laser Applications in Metal Processing Industry

There are many kinds of laser applications in the metal processing industry, mainly including laser cutting, laser marking and laser welding.

From the development and application of laser processing technology in the world, more and more users in metal material processing industry have realized the unique and excellent performance and high efficiency of laser processing. 

Laser Cutting Applications

1. As a non-contact optical heat processing, laser cutting is honored as Never-worn Universal Cutter. The compact layout or suit cutting can be conducted on work pieces in any way so as to make full use of raw materials. Because of non-contact processing, the processed components have no deformation. 

2. Laser cutting dispenses with cutter or mold. Under the control of computer, it can directly achieve flexible processing of plate and shell parts of any shape in 2D or 3D, especially suitable for the processing of a small batch of various metal plate parts at the research and development stage of new products. Moreover, it can save the mold design fee and manufacturing expense and  can greatly shorten the production cycle. 

3. With narrow kerf and smooth incision but without burr, laser cutting even can directly process the finished spur gear with certain precision used for transmission. 

Laser Welding Applications

1. Suitable for the processing of precision parts, boxes and the welding parts with sealing requirements. The laser beam after accumulation can get very small light spot. With precise positioning, it can be applied into a large batch of automatic production so as to greatly improve the production efficiency and lessen the heat influence area. Besides, the welding spot is not polluted to greatly enhance the welding quality.

2. The welding has the following advantages:High strength, super long service life, fast welding speed, high efficiency, excellent interface process, low rejection ratio and low positioning

Laser Marking Applications

Laser marking is applied on the metal surface more widely at present.

It is applicable to the following materials and industries:


Metal and various non-metal industries. More suitable for some more sophisticated and precise occasions.

Applicable to electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communication, hardware, tool accessories, precision instruments, watch & clock & glasses, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic keys, building materials, PVC pipe, medical apparatus and instruments and other industries.


Common metal and alloys (iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.), rare metal and alloys (gold, silver and titanium), metallic oxide (each kind of metallic oxide), special surface treatment (phosphating, aluminum anodizing, and electroplated surface), ABS materials (shells of household appliances, daily necessities), ink (light-transmitting keys, and printing products), and epoxy resin (encapsulation of electronic components, and insulating layer).

Laser Applications in Metal Processing Industry
Laser Applications in Metal Processing Industry
Laser Applications in Metal Processing Industry
Laser Applications in Metal Processing Industry