Laser application for Fly knit upper

Gbos have various laser cutting machine for shoes industry. Nowadays, fly knitting vamp is more and more popular due to it's comfortable and breathability.For the smart produce, we have a laser solution for you!

VisionScan Cut in Woven Labels

CCD series laser cutting machine, equipped with cameral automatic capturing & positioning system, is used for cutting woven labels, printed labels, rubber labels, silkscreen printed labels...

Laser Applications in the Advertising Industry

Gbos laser engraving & cutting machine has been applied into the advertising industry, with high accuracy, fast speed, smooth incision, narrow kerf and exact curve fitting. It is suitable for cutting acrylic materials, advertising LOGO inlay, precision machining, engraving duotone breast plate, enterprise licensing agent, licensing authority and medal. With beautiful effect and low cost, it can save man hours and realize perfect combination of engraving and cutting in the advertising industry. 

Laser Cutting in the Garment Industry

Gbos laser takes the lead in this industry by virtue of individualized operation platform, advanced DSP digital control technology, convenient USB data transmission applications and other advanced technologies.

Laser Marking on the Automotive Spare Parts

Laser is more and more widely applied into the automotive and aviation industries.

Laser marking on plastic material

Permanent effect, anti-counterfeit, high speed, together with high flexibility make laser marker a best choice in marking plastic materials, which are widely used nowadays.

Laser cutting acrylic

Acrylic is widely used in advertising industry, furniture industry and art- ware industry, since it has feature and advantage of transparency. Additionally, it has excellent weather ability of outdoor use, which is superior to any other plastic materials, since it can be used to make different products of different shapes because of its strong surface hardness, smoothness and plasticity.

Laser cutting on paper

With Gbos laser cutting machine, paper and paperboard can be cut into shapes of all sorts according to customer needs. Paper is ranged to thermo-sensitive material, which is easily damaged by direct contact. Laser cutting machine, however, is right for dealing this problem. No damage is left on surfaces of materials.

Laser marking on lamp holder

Gbos laser equipments,with imported high-speed scan galvanometer, can mark characters or pictures needed on lamp holder precisely in a high speed and stable property.

Laser cutting in textile and leather

Gbos laser equipments have excellent performance in cutting textile and clothing of all sorts. It can do with filter pad, linen, felt, insulation substance, leather, cotton and more. Garment industry, especially, can utilize it in embroider, computer woven label, printed label, tailor, leather, cloth toy and more.