D series

Multi - Materials CO2 Laser Cutting Systems
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Acrylic Material, Die Board, MDF Board
Multi-materials CO2 Laser Cutter
  • The world's top metal sealed RFCO2 laser generator (Germany rofin) consumes no gas in operation.
  • An intelligent, collision resistant follow-up head lifting system applicable to various materials.
  • A high precision ball screw driving system to ensure cutting accuracy in combination with japan's leading servo drive motor.
  • A user-friendly operation system and a wireless operation handle, allowing a free, flexible operation.
  • A double funnel-shaped exhaust system for easy emissions, improved smoke evacuation and prevention of fume spreading, Thus providing a clean, comfortable working environment.
  • An anti-reflection system (With Germany rofin's technology).(optional)
  • A (patented) creative follow-up optical system (without any optical loss, deflection and with consistent power on the whole bench).
  • A pneumatic elevating worktable and a roller assembly to facilitate easier feeding,Eliminating the problem of scratched boards.(optional)

Germany Rofin Laser generator

Gantry Structure Design

Intelligent Follow-up Head Lifting System
Wireless operation remote controller allows free, flexible operation
Tech Data
Model D201 D401 D601
Laser power ≤330W ≤580W ≤650W
Cooling method Water cooling
Cutting area 2450*1250mm
Measurement 4050*2050*1600mm
Power supply 380V/50-60HZ,10Amax
Environmental requirements temperature 15℃-35℃ humidity 30%-80%
  • The design adopts gantry structure which is more stable, reliable and in smaller size.
  • The fully sealed, maintenance free laser optical system guarantees consistent cutting results at any position.
  • It runs at ultra-low cost in power and labor (the power is about 8KW).
  • High precision, high speed cutting: the cutting slit width is adjustable to guarantee complete consistency on the whole table.
  • The external environmental-friendly industrial water cooling system guarantees a more stable operation of the machine at lower power consumption.
  • Powerful cutting function: it can be used to cut metal and non-metallic materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, mirror finished stainless steel, galvanized sheet, electro-galvanized steel, aluminum, acrylic material, die board, wood, MDF and PVC.
  • No need for any auxiliary gas (against non-metallic materials).
Popularized CO2 Laser Cutter
As an economical, practical cutter requiring only a small area, it is especially designed for meeting diversified demands in the advertising industry. It can be used to cut metal and nonmetal materials and is the first choice when you enter the advertising industry.
  • A high precision step motor driving system,
  • A high precision linear guide transmission,
  • A cutting head especially designed to cut boards with different thicknesses with extremely easy replacement and cleaning of the lens.
  • One-off cutting of 1-40mm thick acrylic materials without any need to change a cutting head, Thus, One utter serves several purposes.
  • A metal rf laser or home-made glass laser (optional),
  • A red-light positioning device (optional).
Tech Data
Model D1210
Laser power ≤100W ≤120W ≤150W ≤200W
Cutting area 1200mm*1000mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Measurement 2120mm(L)1580(W)1170mm(H)
Environmental requirements temperature 15℃-35℃ humidity30%-80%(no condensation)
Application in photo frame cutting
Replace the traditional wood machinery engraving with a laser cutting system; Helps you solve problems of low efficiency, dust, waste in materials and high labor cost.
  • The feeding function and worktable is especially designed for the photo frame industry to thoroughly solve dark spots on photo frames caused by light reflection.
  • The creative follow-up optical path guarantees power consistency and no optical loss on the whole working table.
Typical case:golden ladies photo
Application in die cutting
  • Adjustable die slit width: die slit width is adjustable to 0.4MM, 0.71MM and 1.0MM.
  • One-off cutting without any need of repeated cutting, ensuring slit width consistency from top to bottom throughout the whole working table.
Typical case:Hucais Printing (Dongguan), Wing King Tong Holdings Ltd. (Shenzhen)
Application in the advertising industry
Advantages:the notch is quite smooth, clear without tiny cracks and without any need of fire polishing and subsequent cleaning and polishing, thus improving product quality.
Cutting thickness:40mm for one time.
Metal cutting:able to cut metal materials commonly-used in the advertising industry such as carbon steel, stainless steel, mirror finished stainless steel, galvanized sheet, electro-galvanized steel, and aluminum.
Typical case: Qifeng Display Hardware Factory