Leather processing, say goodbye to 5 difficulties!

Leather processing, say goodbye to 5 difficulties!

In the face of leather nesting, cutting and other processes 5 difficulties: many categories, complex processes, multiple needs can not be met, low utilization, high energy consumption ......, manufacturing industry, how to solve?

The second half of 2020 began, the cost of raw materials to open the "storm" mode, to leather, for example:


Source:U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics

And this trend leads to leather cutting costs are rising, the current leather cutting factory is the most headache is the rising cost of raw materials, raw material waste, inventory and labor costs. It is difficult to take some orders, the results of cutting, the warehouse pile of a large pile of leather and accessories inventory, the profit earned is not enough to fill the rising cost of raw materials, inventory materials and labor costs.


And in the past two years, these 5 problems have also been plagued by shoe enterprises, automotive upholstery, sofas and other leather industry cutting factory:
①Multiple processing categories: many types of genuine leather, many colors, many defects, low manual management efficiency.
②Complex process: leather cutting / punching / marking and other complex processes, senior tailoring workers are difficult to recruit, high labor costs.
③Multi-demand can't be met: increasing demand for small batch, more demand for punching, difficult to meet small batch multi-batch or customized demand.
④Low material utilization rate: leather material cost is high, the more complicated the layout graphics, the lower the raw material utilization rate.
⑤High energy consumption and high emissions: in the low carbon sustainable "long-term value" development concept, the traditional industry still has a long way to go.
They are constantly racking their brains on the road to improvement!
In order to enable these companies to quickly say goodbye to the 5 difficulties in the shortest possible time and improve the utilization of leather materials, GBOS held an online exhibition on March 30 with the theme of " Less consumption- Digital revolution for leather cutting!"
In the form of an online exhibition, five intelligent devices for leather-type process applications were presented to global users: "the newest leather nesting system ITS3-3012", "multifunctional digital cutting sharpener KC1625TT-GAT", "5G Automatic dual head async line marking machine LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD", "leather cutting  & punching integrated laser marking machine XXP3-180" and the debut of the latest GBOS R&D model - VC9-960 to global users, Smart industrial bee, make industry a little sweeter!

The newest leather nesting system ITS3-3012

From ITS to ITS2-2014 and ITS3-3014, to the recently released ITS3-3012, GBOS continues to develop and innovate, just to continue to explore each new possibility, so that the leather nesting utilization rate of 85% +, and can be a variety of color recognition, to solve the problem of low material utilization, so that each piece of leather to make the best use!

Multifunctional digital cutting sharpener KC1625TT-GAT

GBOS takes the responsibility of helping traditional enterprises to upgrade, solving the difficult problem of leather cutting, developing low-carbon sustainable oscillating knife cutting system, and helping enterprises to transform and upgrade.

VC9-960 Smart industrial bee

Smart Industrial bee, make industry sweet! Let companies meet the needs of small batches, multiple batches or custom orders, and say goodbye to many problems!

5G Automatic dual head async line marking machine LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD

Multi-material, multi-angle, multi- graphic, multi-functional ......4 big scribing advantages to help you solve.

Leather cutting  & Punching integrated laser marking machine XXP3-180

Laser engraving, marking accuracy from ± 0.02 to ± 0.01 refinement, not only for users to solve the complex problems of leather processing, but also reflects the GBOS artisan spirit ......
GBOS one-stop leather nesting and cutting solution came to a successful conclusion, and we are looking forward to the next exhibition in Jinjiang to show more customers the machine application solution again.
Start Date: 
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
End Date: 
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
United States

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