GBOS LASER Charity Proposal

GBOS LASER Charity Proposal

Let love become our habit, Let love be more powerful! 
Dear GBOS LASER colleagues: 
The ceaseless love has a long history in the long course of human being. Good deeds and help are the inherent qualities of the Chinese nation. Help each other and togetherness was advocated in the spirit of a new age harmonious society. These reflects the noblest quality of the human, the best emotional and moral of people

GBOS LASER company took a strong running through the hard days. We have explored in the night and we had fight in the cold. After 10 years of development by leaps and bounds. The company increased the strength, employee increase substantial income. GBOS LASER people achieve their dreams here one by one. In 10 years of wind and rain, let the family members of each other's heart be closer, unity tighter.

When we are enjoying happy life, have we ever thought of that, living under the same blue sky, walking on the same solid earth, we should have the same bright smile. however, some old, weak, diseased people, who are struggling without help;some poor students shedding tears of hard family situation, suffering from sudden natural disaster or diseases. It is a luxury to even own a normal life.
Study becomes a far dreams. 

Earthquake in WhenChuan and YuShu city, frozen disaster in south China, Gbos Laser open the arms, donate for help, contribute the love and spread the warmth. when the people around us facing difficulty; Gbos people help them to make it through.

Hence, GBOS LASER TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD specially setting up the charity foundation.This warm boat will be full with our staff’s effort, all the power will be help the  unfortunate people.
GBOS charity foundation will setting the bank account based on the principle of “Open, fair, transparent”, dedicated manage the fund, each coin will be used on the needed people.

     No emotion for the disasters, But human Do. We propose to the whole GBOS staff: To give and pass the warmth of love, share our love to light the lamp of hope for them. The kindness of your behavior has no sequence and not depends on how much donation you give, but your small grace could help others out of the lows of life. As long as everyone sacrificed a little love, the world would become better than you think.

     We send all the members of GBOS initiative: Every benevolent colleague, please open your loving heart, your warm hands, and participate in charity actively, give your love! 
As a saying goes: "Roses given, fragrance in hand; Do good deeds, Happiness with you." When you give love, you had already spread out of the sun of the charity, you would warm everyone!  When you lend a helping hand, you have just like been kind of sowing seeds, get joy and respect!  Your kindness behavior can not only improve your personal accomplishment, but also enhance the enterprise culture. She would become a comfort and warm river flow into those people's heart that need help! To affect the society as a whole!
                                                                                                                                                          GBOS LASER TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               5th, May 2014
Start Date: 
Monday, May 12, 2014
End Date: 
Monday, May 12, 2014

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