• XXP3-HK
    Full Automatic Greeting Card Laser Marking Machine
    • Fully automatic materials feeding and collecting
    • Unique blowing and scraping dwvice,avoiding heavy suction 
    • Fine ultra-thin paper clip rail,the maximum use of paper size
    • Servo motor+ wire rod+ optical fiber sensor combination,intelligently precise
    No yellow,no burn edge
    It will achieve no yellow and no burn edge when it cutting white cardboard or paper.
    See the video demo
    Fine ultra-thin clip rail
    The maximum use of paper size and high-speed paper transport.
    Automatic material feeding and collecting. 
    Intelligent feeding device for paper
    Unique blowing and scraping device, avoiding heavy section.
    High efficient exhaustion design
    Leaning design of exhaustion, reducing smoke gathering.
    Lead screw drive
    30% faster than the traditional drive.
    High precision.
    Servo moter+optical fiber sensor combination
    Intelligently precise and high-speed cutting to increase productivity.


    GBOS Fully Automation Laser Cutting Machine applicable materials 
    Greeting card making, greeting card cutting, advertising brand, business gift, wedding invitation, brand promotion, paper box, cup cutting, paper card cutting, fiber paper cutting, holiday card cutting.
    Laser Power ≤180W/250W
    Laser Type Coherent CO2 Laser Generator
    Processing Area  350*350mm
    Gross Power 4.2KW/5.7KW
    Power Supply 220VAC,20A/50-60HZ
    System/Compatible  Format Windows 7/8/10,AI,PLT,DXF,DST,BMP,JPG,JPEG,PNA,TIF
    Content Output text,pattern
    Cooling no condensation water cooling
    Marking Percision +0.1mm
    Repeat Percision +0.02mm
    Feeding Precision +0.1mm
    Minimum Width 0.2mm
    Maximum Paper Size L475mm*W350mm
    Minimum Paper Size L245mm*W170mm
    CNC or not Yes
    Marking Mode dynamic marking (2D)
    Feeding Time 5''/piece (from rack to collector)
    Automic laser marking system
    Greeting card laser marking machine
    Laser marking machine for wedding invite card 

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