• X3
    Keyboard laser marking machine
    • Truly achieve 3D marking
    • No consumable parts, low energy and Maintenance free
    • Engraving precision character (min 0.15mm)
    • The most beautiful fiber laser marking machine you have ever seen
    • Marking size up to 500*500mm at one time
    Truly achieve 3D marking, high precision
    Metal laser generation, 30W laser power,
    high precision for 3D marking.
    Marking precision: 0.15mm.
    See the video demo
    Long life (up to 100,000 hours)
    The energy conversion efficiency is very high, 
    No consumption, adopt metal laser generator,
    stable performance.
    Convenient, flexible, eco-friendly
    Standard with computer, easy to operation,
    safe and stable.
    Low energy consumption
    Adopt air cooling, can greatly save the power
    consumption, save the operation cost and
    reach the highest production efficiency.
    Adjustable working area
    Adjustable working area according to your materials.
    300x300mm, 400x400mm, 500x500mm.
    Can be equipped with 2.5D device(Optional)
    Automatic up and down according to material
    arc surface, Used for curved products processing.
    Can be equipped with RP device(Optional)
    RP device has 360° rotation marking function,
    also used for curved products like vacuum
    cup processing.

    GBOS Laser Marking Machine applicable materials 
    Mobile key, back-light button, molectron(IC), metal products and so on.
    MODEL X3
    Processing Area  300×300mm / 500×500mm
    Gross Power ≈500W
    Measurement (L×W×H) 1150×1030×1660mm
    System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10, AI, PLT, DXF, DST, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNA, TIF.
    Weight 80KG
    Power Supply 220V/10A,50Hz or 60Hz
    Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃
    Humidity(no condensation)30-80%
    Keyboard laser marking machine

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