• V8SCCD
    Dual-Head Laser Cutting Machine With Projector Positioning
    • Auto-calcuting
    • Auto-oiling system
    • Casting structure
    • Dual-head aysnc lasercutting system
    • Auto-nesting smart & unlimited length
    Casting structure
    X bridge in cast metal structure,be formed united,
    increasing high stability and accuracy.
    See the video demo
    SCCD for contour extracting and cutting digital printing
    shoe upper

    Auto-searching outlines for solving the problem of
    deform, offset and rotation.
    Smart dual-head async cutting system
    Same pattern, Cross Nesting, Free cut in same table. 
    Straight/Reversed pattern, Twin-head Auto-Pairing,
    Fast cutting.
    Multi-pattern, Twin-head Async, fast Cutting.
    Auto-oiling system
    Automatically & timely input oil to protect important parts
    for gear wheel and rack.
    IOT system (machine remote connection & control by man)
    Gbos Laser IOT system smartly monitor every machine
    by remote diagnosis, remote control, Auto updating of
    software and online information transfer etc.
    Smart auto-nesting software
    Waste saving, manual arranging: 12 pieces,
    auto-nesting: 15 pieces.
    Smart exhausting system
    Blow off waste gas quickly. 
    Get rid of smell.
    Switch to work smartly.
    Save energy and high efficiency. 
    Material rack
    Auto-feeding system with multi roll shelf.
    Support feeding of 6 rolls at the same time.

    GBOS Laser Cutting Machine applicable materials 
    Application of cotton, silk, chemical fiber, denim, velvet foam, and other kinds of textile materials or non woven material; Real leather, artificial leather, soft leather, decorative PU, packaging leather, etc. all kinds of leather materials.
    Application of clothing industry, footwear 
    Laser Power ≤130W
    Laser Type CO2 Laser tube
    Processing Area  1580×600mm
    Gross Power 5500W
    Measurement (L×W×H) 3011*2533*2472mm
    System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10,AIPLTDXF,DST,BMP,JPEG, JPG, PNA.
    Weight 860KG
    Power Supply 380V/32-40A,50Hz or 60Hz
    Environmental  requirements Temperature 15-30℃Humidityno condensation30-80%
    Dual-head machine
    Auto feeding 

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