• V10SCCD
    Two Heads Async Automatic Grip Feeding Laser Cutting Machine With Camera
    • Projector positioning preview
    • Automatic grip feeding
    • Smart pairing
    • Auto-nesting smart & unlimited length
    • Dual-head async cutting
    Smart dual-head async cutting system
    Same pattern, Cross Nesting, Free cut in same table.
    Straight/Reversed pattern, Twin-head Auto-Pairing, fast cutting.
    Multi-pattern, Twin-head Async, fast cutting.
    See the video demo
    Casting structure
    X bridge in cast metal structure,be formed united,increasing high stability and accuracy.
    SCCD for contour extracting and cutting digital printing shoe upper
    Auto-searching outlines for solving the problem of deform, offset and rotation.

    Projector positioning preview
    Instant Preview of Nesting Effects - convenient, fast.
    Automatic grip feeding system
    Truly integrated feeding system, not pulling shelf. Multi-materials auto-feeding knitted fabric,cloth, leather,foam(capable of multi-layers feeding). 
    The software can measure the feeding length according to nesting, matching one sheet nicely with next, saving materials. Gripping feed system ensure materials are smooth.
    IOT system (machine remote connection & control by man)
    Gbos Laser IOT system smartly monitor every machine by remote diagnosis, remote control, Auto updating of software and online information transfer etc.
    New upgrade of smart nesting
    Multi sizes one key nesting.
    Automatic separation, different colors for each size.
    Count automatically according to the layers of materials.
    Push-pull plate interactive cutting
    Interactive working for two tables.Working on one table while loading goods on the other table, improve work efficiency, more security.
    Material rack
    Auto-feeding system with multi roll shelf.
    Support feeding of 6 rolls at the same time.

    GBOS Laser Cutting Machine applicable materials 
    Application of cotton, silk, chemical fiber, denim, velvet foam, and other kinds of textile materials or non woven material; Real leather, artificial leather, soft leather, decorative PU, packaging leather, etc. all kinds of leather materials.
    Application of clothing industry , footwear.

    Laser Power ≤130W
    Laser Type CO2 Laser tube
    Processing Area  1580×600mm
    Gross Power 5500W
    Measurement (L×W×H) 2960*2250*2000mm
    System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10,AIPLTDXF,DST,BMP,JPEG, JPG, PNA.
    Weight 1350KG
    Power Supply 380V/32-40A,50Hz or 60Hz
    Environmental  requirements Temperature 15-30℃Humidityno condensation30-80%

    Waste saving arrangement
    Projector positioning
    Auto feeding machine

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