Large Format Smart Typesetting System for Genuine Leather
  • Automatic typesetting system
  • Automatic detecting defect 
  • Automatic combine
  • Typesetting manual modification improves material utilization
  • Large format workbench, suitable for different size of leather material.
  • High-definition digital double-camera directly extract leather contour
  • Two projectors system for instant preview
  • Partitioned vacuum absorption system, energy-saving design
  • Foot  pedal feeding device
  • Shading sliding door

Automatic Typesetting System
GBOS ITS3 software with powerful automatic typesetting function, which can make full use of leather material 
to get a maximum utilization.
Defect automatic detecting
It can automatically detect and avoid defects on the materail during typeseting.
Manual intervention typesetting
It is capable of manual intervention typesetting, it will increases material utilization by more than 4%.
High-definition digital dual-cameral
Two cameras are used to directly extract material contour for auto-typesetting and finish automatic 
stitching for large format meterial.
Dual-projectors system
It is for instant positioning preview of auto-typesetting, convenient and fact.

Partitioned vacuum absorption worbench
This large format workbench adopted partitioned vacuum absorption system, is suitable for various materials, 
which can effectively fix and flatten material, ensure material processing quality, it is also a energy-
saving design.
Sliding door 
Sliding doors are designed to prevent some special leather from being damaged by other light irradiation.
Foot pedal feeding device
After finishing typesetting for one sheet of leather, Just step down the foot pedal for material transport, 
and then do the next typesetting. 


GBOS ITS3-3014 Smart typesetting system applicable material
ITS3-3014 was specially designed for automatic typesetting of regular materials and genuine leathers. It is suitable for 
nature leather, synthetic leather, PU, PVC and other materials.
After typesetting, the typesetting software will automaticlly form pattern files. The material will be directly processed according to the pattern files. 
MODEL ITS3- 3014
Processing Area (mm) 3000×1400
Measurement(L×W×H) 3736×2200×1863mm
System/Compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10,AI,PLT,DXF,DST,BMP,JPG,JPEG,PNA,TIF.
Weight(kg)  550KG
Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃
Humidity(no condensation)30-80%
Auto-typesetting system 
Automatic detecting defect 
Double-camera system
Two projectors system
Liquid crystal display
Partitioned vacuum absorption system
Super large format workbench 

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