• ITS3-3012
    Large Format Smart Nesting System for Genuine Leather
    • Projection preview positioning system
    • SCCD visual scanning system, stitching photo, support large format leather nesting
    • A variety of algorithms, zero pitch nesting, leather area utilization rate of up to 85% or more
    • Manual intervention nesting to improve the material utilization rate again
    • Leather nesting system with active feedback data function
    • Large work surface: 3000*1200mm
    • Foot pedal feeding device
    • Automatic reading of leather contours and defects

    GBOS ITS3 Intelligent nesting system, has a variety of the latest nesting technology with materials-saving and powerful nesting software. Promote average nesting utilization rate to get up over 80% in 3mins, more than 1.5% higher utilization than any other nesting system.

    Latest Materials-saving Automatic Nesting Technology:​  
    Auto defective area nesting.jpg  Auto grading and zoning nesting 1)  .jpg     

    ① Auto defective area nesting:

    Can nesting defects leather to sewing and lining area, fully utilize leather to maximize material utilization.

    ② Auto grading and zoning nesting:

    Automatically distinguish leather grade from good to bad, like: A, B, C, D… grade, which can strictly and flexibly control product quality.


    Mixing nesting  min.jpg auto pairing .jpg  

    ③ Mixing nesting:

    Multi-part mix nesting, save material maximum.

    ④​ Auto color sorting and pair nesting:

    According to the needs of shoe material color matching, can rapidly auto pair nesting; Moreover, can auto sorting and nesting for different sizes, more convenient collection and management. 



    ⑤ Manual intervention nesting:

    In addition to auto nesting, also a function for manual intervention nesting, which can lead to re-increase of material utilization.

    See the video demo:     



    large format leather .jpg

    High resolution auto line-by-line scanning system: 

    Equipped with double (or three) line-by-line scanning camera(LCCD), automatically avoid defective area and identify contours.

    Dual projectors positioning previewing system:

    For instant location preview, convenient and practical.

    projector .jpg
    Intelligent digitizer markerss.jpg

    Intelligent digitizer marker: (Optional)

    Auto marking materials defects quickly, suitable for any color of leather materials, and more, it is no influence of the type of leather.

    GBOS+Euro technology: 

    Joint development by GBOS team and European team, more than over 30 years experience optimize algorithm on the data, which can make the leather obtaining better utilization.


                        open .png

    Open, compatible:

    ITS3 nesting system can be compatible with the mainstream file formats in the market (Like: DXF, PLT etc); At the same time, the output format is compatible with different brands of cutting machines.


    The table is tilted 20 degrees for more convenient operation.


    Sliding door 

    Sliding doors are designed to prevent some special leather from being damaged by other light irradiation.

    Foot pedal feeding device

    After finishing typesetting for one sheet of leather, Just step down the foot pedal for material transport, and then do the next nesting. 

    digital cutting .jpg

    Leather nesting system with active feedback data 

    ① Digital nesting system: QR code generation, nesting date export and other digital functions, more convenient to manage. According to nesting report, you can compare the leather area that the supplier selling with actual leather area data, also compare expected utilization rate with actual utilization rate. As an enterprise, you can use data to infinitely improve material utilization and reduce production costs.

    ② Auto-counting function.

    ③ Future: GBOS IT3S will connect with the management system MES, automatically read the PO, and combine with PO data to achieve the capacity prompt.


    Reduce dependence on skilled labor in the production process:

    ITS3 nesting system can make leather production gradually streamlining, and simplify the production process: Marking defects-Vacuum adsorption-Auto recognize edge-Auto paring nesting-Auto-nesting-Export report-Generate QR code-High speed oscillating knife digital cutting by scan QR code. 

    workflow .jpg


    Combined solutions with intelligent digital cutting:

    ① Combined solution for regular size leather.

    1 set of ITS3 equipped with 2 sets of VC9-1625TT.

    ② Combined solution for full-width leather, realize ultra-large format leather cutting. 

    1 set ITS3-3012 nesting system & super algorithm server can be equipped with 3 sets or more KC1630TT-RT-3P.

    leather cutting machine  _0.jpg







































































    GBOS ITS3-3012 Intelligent nesting system applicable material
    ITS3-3012 was specially designed for automatic nesting of regular materials and genuine leathers. It is suitable for full large materials. After nesting, the nesting software will automaticlly form pattern files. The material will be directly processed according to the pattern files. 
    MODEL ITS3- 3012
    Processing Area (mm) 3000×1200
    Measurement(L×W×H) 3750×1680×3180mm
    System/Compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10,AI,PLT,DXF,DST,BMP,JPG,JPEG,PNA,TIF.
    Weight(kg)  1390KG
    Power Supply 380V/50、60Hz
    Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃
    Humidity(no condensation)30-80%

    Auto-typesetting system 
    Automatic detecting defect 
    Double-camera system
    Two projectors system
    Liquid crystal display
    Partitioned vacuum absorption system
    Super large format workbench 

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