• ITS2-2014
    Smart Nesting System for Genuine Leather
    • Auto-nesting
    • Defect detecting function
    • Manual intervention possible
    • Auto-calculating
    • Can be equipped with oscillation knife series system and laser cutting system
    Automatic Nesting System
    GBOS ITS2 software with powerful automatic nesting
    function, which can make full use of leather material 
    to get maximum utilization.
    See the video demo
    Defect automatic detecting
    It can automatically detect and avoid defects on the
    material during nesting.
    Manual intervention nesting
    It is capable of manual intervention nesting, it will
    increase material utilization by more than 4%..


    GBOS ITS2-2014 Smart nesting system applicable material
    ITS2-2014 was specially designed for automatic nesting of regular materials and genuine leathers. It is suitable for 
    nature leather, synthetic leather, PU, PVC and other materials.
    After nesting, the nesting software will automaticlly form pattern files. The material will be directly processed according to the pattern files. 

    MODEL ITS2-2014
    Processing Area (mm) 2000×1400mm
    Measurement (mm) 2300×1400×2300mm
    Weight (kg) 200kg
    System/Compatible  Format Windows 7/8/10
    Power Supply AC 380V 50HZ 22.5A 
    Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃
    Humidity(no condensation)30-80%

    Smart Nesting System for Genuine Leather 

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