• GN1081SCCD/5.0
    Dual Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Woven Printing Embroidery Lable
    • Speed increase by 40~50%
    • Automatic extraction of contour
    • Recognition accuracy ±0.1mm
    • Precise and intelligence cutting
    • Positioning cutting for multiple design
    • Large size automatic extraction
    • Deformation matching cutting
    • Ergonomic Design
    Precise and intelligence cutting
    Positioning accuracy of 0.2mm,
    the best in the industry. 
    Defective products can be selected.
    See the video demo
    Positioning cutting for multiple design
    Cut different labels at the same time to
    meet the needs of different products.
    Save time and improving work efficiently.
    SCCD Large size automatic extraction
    Effectively identify area: 850mm*600mm
    Increased camera area, overall automatic
    extraction and cutting
    Solve the problem that large labels cannot
    be automatically extracted.
    CCD Automatic extraction
    Effectively identify area: 150mm*120mm
    Automatic tracking and cutting
    Replace manual soldering iron
    High effective
    Compare to normal CCD cutting machine,
    GBOS smart double camera laser cutting machine speed
    increased by 40%-50%.
    Optional glass laser tube 70W,80W,100W,
    130W meet any of your requirements.
    20,000h maintenance-free.
    CCD Deformation matching cutting
    According material transformation condition,
    automatic deformation cutting 
    Camera follow the label transformation do grapth matching.
    Solve the problem of cutting edge unsmooth.
    Ergonomic Design
    The operation panel, table tops,and windows are
    all within sight of the height of the human body
    and can be seen at a glance.


    GBOS Laser Cutting Machine applicable materials 
    label, woven label, digital printing label, heat transferred label, care label, leather patch labelfabric, plush toys,Leather wool ,fabric cloth,rubber wooden product 

    MODEL GN1081SCCD5.0
    Laser Power ≤90W
    Laser Type CO2 tube
    Processing Area  850×600mm
    Cutting Precision CCD: ±01mm SCCD: ±015mmCentral position --- Within 500mm*500mm)
    SCCD±02mm (Outside of central position-Outside of 500mm*500mm)
    Camera Pixels CCD:1.3 million pixels SCCD:18 million pixels
    Camera Vision Range CCD150mm×120mm SCCD850mm×600mm
    Cutting Speed 300~500mm/s
    Gross Power 1.6KW
    Measurement (L×W×H) 1450×1160×1670
    System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10.AI,PLT,DXF,BMP,JPG,JPGP,PNA,TIF
    Weight 260KG
    Power Supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz,10A
    Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃Humidityno condensation30-80%

    Dual Camera Vision Laser Cutting Machine
    Weaving & Printing Labels Cutting
    Heat Transfer Labels Cutting
    Woven Badges Cutting
    High Precision Cutting

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