Two-head Intelligent Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine With High-precision Camera
  • Integrated design with feeding system
  • Camera Positioning. Automatic pairing
  • Standadized production
  • Projector positioning preview (optional)
  • Interactive dual-head (Odd number arranging)
                                                     Camera positioning function  

              CCD device for area 120*90mm

             Automatically identifying defect
See the video demo

        Positioning cutting for multiple design

            Any angle positioning and cutting
Integrated design with feeding system
Truly integrated feeding system, not pulling shelf. 
Multi-material auto-feeding: knitted fabric, cloth,
leather, foam,(capable of multi-layers feeding).
Multi conveyor bed for option
Herringbone for soft fabric.
Grid for leather.
E style for footwear industry.
850T for more safety.
Projector positioning review(Optional)
Fast review the cutting result.
Camera positioning 
Camera positioning for shoe upper.
Automatic size grading
Input the pattern from software graphics library.
The left side of software will arrange the sizes
one by one. Choose the file to process, drag
it to the working area of the software.
IOT system 
Machine remote connection & control by man.
                                                Smart Nesting-Waste Saving and Fast  

                      Odd number arranging

                  Waste saving arranging

                     Unlimited lenth nesting

                         Auto calculating

High speed, and material-saving, convenient to change design, high efficiency, good quality, especially for pieces cutting of clothing, leather and other materials.

Applicable Materials

Roll fabric,trademark,embroidery patch,soft embroidery,jeans,leather,fabric and other non-metal materials.

GBOS Laser Cutting Machine applicable materials 
Fabric, Leather, Shoe upper, Woven label, printed label, heat transfer label, embroidery label, and so on.
Laser Power ≤90W
Laser Type CO2 Glass Laser Tube
Processing Area  1600×1000mm
CCD: 1440x900mm
Gross Power ≈3525W
Measurement (L×W×H) 2380×2100×1170mm
System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10,AI,PLT,DXF,DST,BMP,JPG,JPEG,PNA,TIF.
Weight 535KG
Power Supply 220V/10A, 50Hz or 60Hz
Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃,Humidityno condensation30-80%
Cutting precision ±02mm
Cutting speed 300~600mm/s
Camera pixels 1.3 million pixels 
Range 120mm×90mm 
Auto feeding machine
2 laser heads

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