• DP-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD
    Dual-head async VisionScan PUR dispensing system
    • Double heads async PUR dispensing system
    • First choice for seamless artworks
    • Non-contact working principle
    • Saving labor and material costs
    • Visual recognition
    • Projector preview positioning (Optional)


    Click the link and see the machine application & demo in BEMIS sewfree.jpg.pngSEWFREE ON DEMAND. 

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    doubel heads dispensing .jpg Double heads PUR dispensing system
    Dual heads asynch vision recognition PUR dispensing system(Double the capacity with two independent heads)+VisionScan system+Auto feeding system.
    See the video demo
    SCCD high definition VisionScan system 
    According material transformation condition,automatic
    deformation cutting camera follow the materials
    transformation to graph matching.
    DP系列点胶机画册 21-10-16.jpg

    Projector positioning preview system (optional)
    Projector positioning preview. Instant Preview of nesting effects - convenient & fast.


    No requirements for the operator 
    Feature contour extraction dispensing, arbitrary placement of different graphic files, multi-part PUR disepnsing at the same time.

    visionscan .jpg

    Multiple templates and patterns processing at the same time
    Feature contour extraction dispensing, arbitrary placement of different graphic files.

    Cost-saving machines:    
    environmentally friendly and economically efficient_0.jpg Co-existence quality and efficiency
    Less sewing, sorting cost; Less machinery, space cost; and less management cost create more stretchable and flexible seamless garment and no yellow, no black, no burnt.

    Reduce process more environmentally friendly and economically efficient
    PUR Dispensing+Positioning and cutting+Heat press+Completely cured after 72 hours.
    dispensing and cutting .jpgheat press .jpg  
    Advantages of the PUR dispensing process:    
    dispenser .jpg Advanced international non-contact working principle
    PUR non-contact dispensing process can be used on any type of innovation materials.
    Newest PUR seamless dispensing device
    PUR Dispensing without burrs, controllable distance, adjustable glue dots size.
    glue dot .jpg  
    glue .jpg Standardized dispensing sizes
    Glue dots size consistency, precision up to 98%.
    Light as a cloud, wear it senselessly
    Ultra-comfortable PUR dispensing process: Trackless and comfortable, replace stitching, smooth and comfortable, the preferred process for sportswear.
    fashion .jpg  
    fashion and perfomance .jpg Fashion 
    Fully integrated fashion and function, meet the needs of all users in time.

    Low bonding temperature, reduce damage to fabrics
    Heat press temperature: 60-70℃; Heat press time: 10-15s.

    underwear .jpgpress machine _0.jpg  
    Create more application:    
    ideas .jpg Create more ideas with the application scenarios you want
    Multi-Scene application: Pant Gusset; Necklines; Overlap Seams; Patch-On Pockets; Fold Over Hems; Compression Panels; Heat Sensitivity; Panel-to-Panel Bonding.

    GN1280-DP-SG Sample show .jpg


    Lingerie, Shirt, T-Shirt, Bag, Shoes and etc, create more ideas of new seamless artcraft:

    • Panty Gusset;
    • Overlap Seamls;
    • Patch-On Pockets;
    • Fold Over Hems;
    • Compression Panels;
    • Heat Sensitivity;
    • Panel-to-Panel Bolding

    application _0.jpg                  

    (Statement: Applications from BEMIS website, learn more relevant application please visit: https://www.bemisworldwide.com/

    more application videos please visit: https://vimeo.com/showcase/8580804 )


    PUR Dispensing _2.png

    Processing Area(mm) 1000*750mm
    Function PUR Dispensing+VisionScan system+Auto feeding 
    Gross Power ≈10500w
    Glue dot size 0.5-1.1mm
    Measurement (L×W×H) 1900×3150×2050mm
    System/compatible  Format Windows 7/8/10,AI , PLT , DXF , DST ,BMP , JPG , JPEG ,PNA , TIF
    Weight 240KG
    Power Supply 220V/10Amax, 50Hz or 60Hz
    Environmental requirements Temperature 10-30℃,Humidityno condensation30-80%

    PUR Dispensing
    Dispensing artcraft
    Automatic machine
    Cutting and dispensing fully automatic operation
    Seamfree technology
    Seamless artcraft 

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