• D601
    Multi-materials CO2 Laser Cutting Systems
  • Auto Focus System
Multi-materials CO2 laser cutting machine
  • Rofin laser generator no gas consumption.
  • Anti-reflection device Tracking system
  • Panasonic servo
  • AMT linear guide and ball screw
  • Whole Sealed,free maintenance and no optical loss design
  • Multi-materials cutting available(carbon steel,acrylic, die board and stainless steel,etc)
D series with cast metal and alloy painted machine main body, adopt with Germany ROFIN CO2 laser generator and anti-reflecting device, also equipped with Smart/intelligent surface tracking system. The whole sealed free optical loss design system ensures the reliability and stability of the machine.

MODEL Laser Power Laser Type The maximum cutting thickness and speed
(Thickness mm/Speed min/Auxiliary GAS)
      Carbon steel Stanless steel Acrylic Die-board
D601 ≤600W RF CO2 laser generator 6.0/1600(O2) 3.0/2800(O2) 40/300 18/2500
Die cutting
Metal cutting
Wood cutting (Die)
Acrylic cutting
Metal plate, printing and packaging, advertising, processing center and etc.
Laser Power ≤600W
Laser Type RF CO2 Laser Generator
Processing Area 2450×1250mm
Gross Power 21KW
Measurement(L×W×H) 4000×2170×1700mm
System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10 PLT , DXF , ENG.
Weight(kg)  2500KG
Power Supply 380V,50Hz/60Hz,60A
Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃ Humidity(no condensation)30-80%
Multi-materials co2 laser cutting machine

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