• B60/100
    Laser marking machine for button marking
    • Matching all kinds of button machines
    • Free design the processing files
    • Integrated  optical path and electronic control
    • Camera positioning(option)
    Matching all kinds of button machines
    B series laser engraving system can be easily fitted in all versions of button marking machines(either set-up for laser or not)
    See the video demo
    Free design the processing files
    Directly input of multi alphabetical linear and round texts (True Type and monoline), multi step counters, geometric shapes, barcodes.
    Data matrix with precise spacings and positioning within the engraving area.
    Integrated optical path and electronic control
    Laser safety regulations: Class 4 laser system, CEI EN 60825-1.
    Camera positioning(option)
    Camera for holes centring.

    GBOS Laser Marking Machine applicable materials 
    Paper, cardboard, dacron, metal spray paint, glass, marble, granite, ceramic, pearl, bone, cloth, etc.
    MODEL B60/100
    Laser Power ≤60W/100W
    Laser Type CO2 Laser tube
    Processing Area  65×65mm
    Gross Power 1.85KW
    Measurement (L×W×H) 810*315*375mm
    System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10,AI,PLT,DXF,DST,BMP,JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIF,TGA,PNG.
    Weight 40KGS
    Power Supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz,10A
    Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃,Humidityno condensation30-80%
    Laser marking machine
    Button marking

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